Monday, Monday

Hello again! It's Monday! The weekend was good, but nothing got done. I guess I would have to be home to get anything done...

No jam got made, but I think I will at least get one batch done tonight before and after the concert since the rhubarb has to sit in the sugar and jello for at least an hour before it starts cooking.

I am also going to get started on making the dandelion wine tonight. We need to pick a gallon of dandelion heads, pour boiling water on top of them, and let them steep for three days. Hopefully the yeast will be here by then!

I did get two bags of rhubarb chopped and put into the freezer. I am putting 2.5 cups in each bag to make it easier for the recipes I use. Dane would like a rhubarb pie so maybe we will get that made in the next few days. Got to satisfy the growing boy's appetite!

We also got the rest of the garden in the actual garden plot except green beans. I ran out before I could finish the row. We need to get additional containers for the tomatoes and peppers. I would also like to get dill and parsley going, but we will see. So the garden has planted in it:

Potatoes (2 rows)
Green Beans
Zucchini (3 hills)
Yellow Summer Squash (2 hills)
Cucumbers - bush style (4 hills)

My onions might need to be replanted too - something is eating the tops off of the transplants I got from a friend. I wish I could figure out what!

And a big Hello from all who are visiting from the Monday Homestead Barn Hop!

Thanks for reading!


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