Preparedness Challenge

These last few months I have been working on Preparedness. What is that? To me, preparedness means becoming more self-sufficient, more self-sustaining, and trying to be ready for anything. I keep asking myself if that is possible and I keep answering myself yes.

I have been following the Preparedness Challenge on Homestead Revival and have been absolutely inspired by what I have read about her doing as well as what others are doing. I have been challenged by this and keep plugging away at doing what I can towards being more self-sufficient and self-sustaining.

My garden is coming along beautifully. I still haven't gotten my tomatoes and peppers in the buckets yet, but hopefully on Sunday that will happen! I have been faithful in weeding the garden too which is something I haven't been too good at in the past. I can't wait to start canning and storing some of the bounty! The money I will save from having a garden will be worth it too!

The one thing I thought about in doing the Preparedness Challenge was the cost. This could be expensive! Some of the things I have wanted to do have some high start-up costs. I have list that I will share of some of the things I want to get started on the farm including raising some chickens!

Still the cost have me worried. I have a tight budget I need to adhere to. This year though, the garage sales have been awesome! I have been able to find a lot of clothes for Dane that he will be able to wear in the coming years. This picture shows yesterday's bounty (not including three grocery sacks of clothes for Dane, jeans for Shali, shirts for the girls, and a pair of shoes for Paige).

2 Packs of 3 Paint Roller Refills - $2.00 each
1 60 ft Outdoor Extension Cord - $3.00
1 LED Flashlight - $3.00
5 - 3 Subject College Ruled Notebooks - 5/$1.00

I spent a total of $29.00 yesterday and came home with a lot of great things! Cost does not have to prohibit you from being prepared!

I will talk more about money and the costs to do things in further blog posts!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


  1. Erica, if you need help or tips on raising chickens, my daughter is in her second year and just added to her flock. Feel free to email me and I can get you the answers. Terri or on face book.


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