What to do this weekend? Clean, clean, clean!

Do you ever have trouble with trying to figure out what to do with your weekend? I don't mean making plans and with whom to hang out with. I mean the "cleaning the house" and "what projects to do this weekend" list. I am very good at making lists for projects, but not for house cleaning. Probably because I detest house cleaning, but I enjoy a clean, organized house!

So I cheat...on my "cleaning house" list. I already know I need to do laundry, mow lawn, put in some new plants, and weed the garden. I rely on FlyLady emails and Home Sanctuary blog site to give me some direction on cleaning the house. These are usually daily tasks that I attempt to do daily. This week, though, has been horrible for keeping up with those! So I try to finish them up on Saturday. 

My weekend "Cleaning House Amidst A Softball Tournament Saturday" list looks like this:

From FlyLady:

Your mission for today in the bathroom is to wipe down around the base and the back of the toilet. Grab a rag and some general purpose cleaner and wipe down the toilet from the bowl downward, the floor around the base and behind base. 

For the kids room: Go into the room with a small trash bag, empty the trash can in the room and get rid of anything that needs to be thrown away. Old school papers that don't need saving, candy or gum wrappers, broken pens or pencils, things that are small and taking up precious space that is truly trash. Just the obvious things that need to be thrown away, don't throw open the drawers and closets. This is also a great opportunity to teach your children to use the recycle bins for any paper trash.

We are back in the bathroom and your mission for today is to clean out your bathroom trash can. Use the tub to fill the can with hot water and add some general purpose cleaner or dish soap. Let it soak and then scrub the bottom, the sides and the outside. Turn it over and let it dry in the tub and then put it back before someone needs to bathe and ends up taking a shower with the trash can! 

Your mission for the kids room is challenge them to a 27 Fling Boogie! You know your kids - if 27 is going to be too much then scale it back, if they are small have them choose three toys that are broken or missing pieces and throw those away. Then have them choose three things that they no longer play with to bless another child with. Choose the number based on their age and maturity. Use BabySteps, remember that this is a teaching moment - not a battle.

It is Anti-procrastination Day! It is time to take a look into the medicine cabinets and toss the empty bottles and boxes that are taking up space. While you are doing this also take a look at the expiration dates on the medicines that are there. If you have some that need to be gotten rid of take care of that as well. Grab a damp rag and wipe down the shelves. Don't take everything out, just lift, wipe and put back.  

For the kids room - Throw open the sock drawer and start flinging! I don't know what it is about the socks but they lose their mates and for some strange reason there always seem to be socks in the drawers that are too small!! There could be socks that your child never wears because they don't like them. Fling them! Have your child help you if they are old enough or have them do it themselves.

The bathroom sink is calling you! Let's shine our bathroom sinks and counter tops. Scrub the sink and the faucets, wipe down with Windex (remember to be careful that you are not mixing Windex with any bleach products, make sure you rinse very well before using the Windex). Take time to wipe down your counter tops and give them a shine as well.
For the kids room - get a damp cloth and wipe off the fingerprints from the light switch plates, door and door knobs. If your child is old enough show them how to do this and let them! It does not have to be perfect. Remember if you make cleaning something negative they will always think of cleaning up as something terrible and that they never did it right!

We are in the last day of Zone Three!! Your mission in the bathroom is to mop the floor. Now, you can do this with some hot soapy water and a rag or mop. There is no perfect way to mop. Just get the floor wet, wipe it and dry it!

For the kids room - Do or teach the Hot Spot Fire Drill!! Look in your children's room and find the one spot that seems to be the dumping area. This could be the desk, night stand or top of the dresser. Once again use this as a teaching moment - not a battle! Have patience and keep in mind that they can't read your mind!

From Home Sanctuary:

Today's Small Thing is to demolish, dismantle, obliterate or otherwise annihilate a stack! Whittle that baby down to nothing and see if you don't feel like you could fly in an invisible airplane. What stack is bugging you? How long has it been there? Longer than a week? A month?

Today's Small Thing is easy: simply wipe down a few doors (mainly around the doorknobs) and call 'er done.  I think I'm going to feel a whole lot better about my life when all the fingerprints and goo are gone from my presence.

As you can see, most of the tasks are painless, but truly beneficial for the home. I did a whole lot better at the Home Sanctuary tasks this week then I did at the FlyLady tasks. Feel free to print this off if you would like to follow along with me!

Also a Big Hello to any new visitors today! Stay and look around!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


  1. Hello! Welcome to Company Girls. I grew up in MN but in a suburb of Mlps. My husband is from a small town in ND so we definitely feel an affinity for the upper Midwest! I read your laundry post and am going to clean out my washing machine. I have wanted to do that for a long time! Thanks for the tip on how-to at home!

  2. You are very welcome! Thanks for reading!


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