Newest Member of the Family

 We have a new member of the family - a new kitten named Sweetie. (Note: I had no hand in naming her.)

She is rather adorable now that she is litter box trained and has stopped waking up the household at night. She is, however, still trying to get along with the queen of the household, Lola. Lola is not handling her presence with much grace, but chooses to ignore her most of the time.

Sweetie is very inquisitive thing and likes to explore all possible areas. I think she is scouting for places Lola won't go or can't go. The side table seems to be the perfect spot!

Shali bought her into the house and called to ask if we could keep her in the house. The kids claimed they wanted a cat who wasn't psychotic like Lola. Lola has her moments. But with a cutie like this, who could say no?

Welcome to the house Sweetie!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So sweet! Lola may come a year or two! lol But you can't beat kittens for cuteness, even when they are knawing on your hand. :)

  2. kittens are so much fun!!!! love the photography :0) you should check out our new meme Give back Thursdays! I am sure with wonderful posts like this you give back all the time :0)


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