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Why Am I Preparing?

This is the second in the Preparedness Series that I have decided to start blogging about on Mondays. I am not sure how long the series will go for, but I am excited to share my journey with you all!

Why am I preparing? When I started storing more food and non-perishables, I didn't think of it as preparing. I knew what life was like with no money and/or very little income coming into the household. I knew how helpless we felt when we weren't sure what we could make for supper and didn't have detergent to wash clothes. I started stocking up on more food and nonperishables to get through the lean months when we didn't have the money to spend on them. Then I got divorced four years ago. My stockpiles became more important than ever when all I had was my paycheck and I didn't get child support for months at a time.

About two years ago, I started thinking harder about preparedness. I had just started learning more about the preparedness lifestyle. I was (and still am) worried about the recession our country was going through. I started worrying about the prices of goods increasing while seeing the prices of services increasing even more. While I couldn't blame the companies and businesses for increasing their prices, I knew I needed to get a better hold on proper supplies in my house to be prepared for anything.

I started with my food storage and non-perishables. Then I started gardening again last year. After that, I started to read and study a lot more about preparedness. I started to put together a first aid kit that was functional. I started buying tools I needed to fix my own things. Then I started thinking more about homesteading and what I wanted to do around the farm. And the ball keeps rolling...

The first thing in preparedness is to know why you are preparing. Those are the reasons that will keep you motivated and focused. There are many different reasons to prepare and they will be different for everyone.  For me, I prepare to get through the hard times, because I don't like the direction our government is going, and because I don't think our country is going to good financially. I think we are all in for some very hard times yet. As a mom, my first and main priority is to make sure my family is provided for. So I prepare.

Are you preparing? Are you interested in learning more about preparing? This can be very imitidating, but small steps will get you far! Keep following along as I make my way in the preparedness world.

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!

PS This is also being shared at the Barnyard Hop! Hop on over and see what fabulous things are happening in ours homesteads!


  1. I think preparedness is one of those built-in Mom genes that kicks in when you have kids. We're always thinking ahead, to the next snack time, the next school day, the next round of basketball season. I don't know any mom that completely lives in the "now." I suspect that's what vacations are for, but it's been so long, I can't remember!

  2. I think you are right. But I know too many moms that do live in the "now" - they don't cook, they run to the store for every little thing, and are never prepared for anything. That just scares me!

  3. What a lot of people call "preparedness" I have always called life.I grew up on a farm and we always had a huge garden and my Mamaw and Momma were always canning and freezing. When they went to the grocery store it was usually for dry goods like flour and corn meal. Its just how we did things. I kinda got away from it on a big scale although I have always been a bulk buyer since we have a large family.But I do agree that we do need to be prepared for anything our economy throws at us. We learned the hard way when my husband was laid off for 14 months and things were so tight it was unreal.God has always taken care of us so I don't live in fear of what's coming but I do know that I can prepare as best I can and leave it in His hands for the outcome.So right now I am canning from my garden and the local farmers and buying extra when the $ is there. I look forward to reading over your blog :) Have a great day! ~ Nikki

  4. I'm trying to teach my daughter how to prepare; gardening, canning etc, because I have a feeling she'll need to know these things even more than we do.


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