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Canning Update

***Just a note of warning: Blog posts will be a bit irregular because our home computer crashed last night. It will be going to the repair shop and get fixed or rebuilt. Either way, hopefully soon!

Anyhoo...back to the regular post for today! The canning update! I will laugh because I don't have a lot to update you on. The very intense heat of the last few weeks has all but killed my garden. Half a row of beautifully producing green beans? Gone. The peas? Gone (but will be replanted). Onions, zucchini, summer squash, garlic? Suffering greatly, but still alive. Tomatoes? Gone. Green peppers? The jury is still out on these. Potatoes? Can you actually kill these? They are still alive and kicking!

I am sure some of you are even asking now: what canning? Thank goodness for Farmers Markets!!! The one in Algona rocks! I bought 8 lbs of beautiful pickling cucumbers for dill pickles. (They come in handy for pickle wraps in which we have a great affinity for!) I also got three onions because I tried earlier this week to dehydrate onions and it worked! Woo hoo! I will be doing a lot more for this winter's needs.

I also picked up a box of canning peaches at Fareway to can my own peaches. I have always wanted to try this and so I will. I also want to try to make my own peach jam because I love peach jam and the kids will too. I wish they would get boxes of pears in so I can try all the pear canning recipes I have saved.

We should have a good crop of apples off the trees in a couple months. I hope to can a lot of applesauce!

The rest of this week and the weekend will be canning:

1. Dill pickes using this recipe: Dill Pickles
2. Peaches using the recipe from the Ball Canning Book
3. Dehydrating more onions out in the garage
4. Possibly dehydrating green peppers too - just to try it!

I will let you all know the results of this canning adventure. My goal was to can/freeze 100 jars/bags. We shall see I guess!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


  1. I'm a little bummed because my cucumbers aren't producing. They were looking great until the hot, dry weather hit. Won't have enough for pickles this year, but there's always next summer, right?

  2. Yes there is! I am on the verge of losing my zucchini and summer squash because of the lack of moisture. No matter how much we water, it is not enough.


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