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Thanksgiving Is Over...

But being thankful and grateful should not be! Sorry about being gone for a week or more! We had a very crazy, busy, wonderful, and somewhat relaxing week and weekend at the homestead. I had two Thanksgiving dinners and the kids had three dinners. A great deal of wonderful food that we were all thankful for! Not a whole lot gone done in the way of projects except that the kids' rooms are much cleaner and finally all of Jordan's furniture is back into her room. She did, however, get rid of a lot more clothes and stuff which was great. We also found a lost pair of my scissors, her sisters' clothes, more dirty dishes that had been "accidentally" packed away, and a few tools. if we could only find her glasses. I did receive a chest to store blankets and whatnot in! For free! Woo hoo!!! I love it and I even had a perfect place for it in the living room. I give thanks for the abundance that comes our way and we do nothing to deserve it such as the c