And It Has Hit Our House!

Remember last week's post about not having the answers to colds and whatnot?

I still don't have the answers.

Because Jordan has mono.

I had mono pretty bad when I was her age or a year younger. I did not wish that upon my kids. Because of the mono I had then, I am now a life-long member of the Epstein-Barr Virus club. They have sent her blood over to a bigger lab to see if she has EBV.

No matter that her blood work last Monday and today did not indicate she has mono. The doctor is calling it mono since the symptoms are there. She is wiped out and easily tired as well as the rest of the symptoms. Just no fever. That is not like Jordan.

What as a parent are you suppose to do about mono? I feel helpless because the only way to treat mono is time, rest, and fluids. Only she can heal herself.

I miss when they were little and I could something when they sick. At least I could cuddle them. Nothing now.

Oh well, at least it is just mono and not something worse.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! Stay healthy!


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