Colds and Whatnot - I Don't Have The Answers!

You are looking at the blog title and saying that is kind of funny, isn't it?

No, it is not. I think it was easier to take care of my sick little kids than to take care of my sick teenagers. Especially when the symptoms are so weird.

She has: Sore Throat; Temps of 96 to 99, but mostly 96; Very tired and run down; Varies between having a headache and no headache. She has had this since last Tuesday.

Seriously? How is one suppose to diagnose that? I think I prefer strep throat to this to treat. Only because this reminds me of when I had mono. I hated having mono and I still have trouble with it twenty years later. I don't want to jump off the bridge and overreact. I want to believe this is just a cold that is going to take time and pumping her full of Vitamin C as well as other vitamins to recover from.

Until then, I don't have the answers. I hate that.

Thanks for reading and have a great, germ-free day!


  1. Teens are harder to treat--they usually want to keep going until they drop dead. Have you tried garlic? I have used it (in pill form) with great success at curing sicknesses and keeping family members healthy. My son JET had a similar situation and I worried about him and decided it was better to be safe than sorry and took him to the ER on a Saturday night. He had spinal meningitis when he was five months old and I worry about him getting it again. Turned out to be just a common virus that would run its course. Keep up the fluids and Vitamin C, try some garlic too. Good Luck.

  2. Thanks! I am taking her into the doctor after talking to the triage nurse. They want to do a mono and strep test on her to rule those out. They are worried about her energy level too. She usually isn't like this. She doesn't seem to require a lot of sleep and she is pretty energetic. All she has done is sleep since last week. I will look into the garlic pills too. Anything would help!


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