"No food, no heat, no water! This is just ridiculous. What are we suppose to do?"

Something I heard on the radio yesterday has stuck with me clear through today. I was listening to ABC News on KLGA in the morning when I heard that parts of the Northeast had received up to 30 inches of snow. They had lost power and some of the people were quite indignant over this.

"No food, no heat, no water! This is just ridiculous. What are we suppose to do?"

I couldn't help but listen in disbelief. I couldn't believe what I hearing! I did feel sympathetic towards these people, but all I could think was that they live in the Northeast where snow storms bless their presence with several inches of snow at one time. Also, that snow storms can grace anyone with their presence from October through April.

This is why I am prepared for storms. I never ever want to be caught at home with my family with no food, no heat, and no water. FEMA recommends having enough supplies on hand for three days and strongly suggests having enough food and water for thirty days. Granted, I am not a fan of FEMA, but they have some excellent suggestions on how to be prepared in cases of storms and other natural disasters.

I keep easy things to eat in cases like this. Fruit cups, pudding cups, cans of soup, ramen noodles, peanut butter, jelly, bread for sandwiches, bottles of water and Powerade, packets of tuna and chicken, raisins and other dried fruit, granola and protein bars, pickles, and applesauce are good ideas to get started. These are not the most healthy options, but they are filling and the kids will think they are getting some treats.

I also keep extra comforters and quilts on hand for everyone to stay warm. I am also looking into an emergency auxiliary heat source like a propane heater. We can easily close off one room and keep that warm. With this stash, I keep a battery operated radio and extra candles for light. 

Do not be caught unaware and unprepared! Even with all the technology we have now, snow storms can easily sneak up on us and get worse in minutes.

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  1. I so agree! How can people who live where it snows EVERY year, not be prepared? It boggles my mind. We too have enough on hand to survive the winter.


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