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Is Your Candidate Electable?

I just heard on the news that someone in the machine feels that Mitt Romney would be a better candidate for president then Newt Gingrich. You want to know why?

His electability.

Not his credentials. Not his political experience. Not his ability to work with others. Not his experience with societal issues.  Not his experience in Washington. Not his age. Not his moral character or his values.

His electability.

First of all, what does electability mean?

Electable: Fit or able to be elected, especially to public office: an electable candidate.

They are more worried about their presidential candidate being electable than his ability to do the job once he is possibly elected into office. Seriously? I can understand wanting your candidate to be electable and having the American people respond favorably to him. I also want to know that the person who is elected to office, no matter what party he belongs to, is qualified and able to do the job.

Some would argue that the qualities I mentioned in the third paragraph would contribute towards his electability. Let me remind you of this: Barack Obama was electable too four years ago. What is your opinion of the job he has done so far? I believe a little more political experience and more time around regular people who have given Barack Obama a little more perspective on this country of ours. I think a little more political experience would have given us a better idea on his position on a lot of things. He skirted answering those questions during the election process and we knew almost nothing about him. But gosh, he was electable!

No, I don't support either candidate at this time. Nor do I support Mr. Obama.

So where does that leave the American voters? List the qualities of someone you think is qualified to be president. What would you look for if you were to hire the President of the United States instead of just voting for him? What issues matter to you? Does your chosen candidate support that?

Then choose your candidate and support him with all you have, but leave your checkbook in the freezer. They have plenty of money of their own to play with.

Just remember electability is all fine and good, but what about after they get elected? Will they be able to do the job then?

Thanks for reading!


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