Weekly Update - January 15

This is our week in review - what we did, didn't do, and maybe should not have done! I want to start doing this to have a better record of our lives as well as let you all know that we live a real, very imperfect life!

Jordan in healthy mode

Sunday and Monday did not go well here at the Nygaard household. I was sick for both those days. Jordan started getting sick on Sunday and did not get get well until Thursday sometime. She went to the doctor on Tuesday to find out that she had the "crud" and with her coughing could turn into pneumonia. She got to have a new to us medicine: codeine cough syrup. Talk about knocking her out! (**I am going to get on my soapbox. Carefully look at the dosage, then question the doctor again. Half of the recommended dosage worked just fine. If she would have taken the full dosage, she would not have woken up until next week sometime. Although I did like the fact that she slept!)

She is much better now! We also got great news on Friday that Shali no longer has to go to the orthopedic doctor's office! Her ankle is healed as much as it can be and for the first time in three years, she has no swelling!!! Yeah! No more trips to Spencer! 

Shali's back is also doing better and she is having less trouble with it. She played most of the basketball game Friday night and she was a happy girl! Her team also won and that put her over the moon!

Shali is the one in the white in the middle. 

Around the house, we got a few things done:
Sliced and deydrated organic bananas (the kids love banana chips!)
Made a loaf of bread
Make a pot of turkey stock (will be canned tomorrow night)
Sliced and dehydrated apples (the kids also love apple chips!)
Tried a new crockpot recipe - Three Bean Turkey Chili - absolutely delish! I will be posting the recipe.
Added 6 more jars of spaghetti sauce to the revolving food storage pantry
Changed the furnace filter - trying to remember to do this monthly
Disinfected the house using my homemade cleaner. I will be posting the recipe for this also!

That is all for this week! Thanks for reading!


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