That Show on National Geographic

Most of you know which show I am talking about. Doomsday Prepper. I couldn't not watch. And for the most part, I was okay with the show. Except the doomsday part. I hate that term.

Like I said, I was okay with the show. Until the episode that premiered Tuesday night.

I know the producers are trying to make everything a little more extreme and reality TV show-ish. I follow some of the preppers shown on the show through YouTube channels and blogs. I know they are not showing everything they have and they are not that extreme. That would violate most preppers' desire to keep their preps under wraps and keep them under the radar. For the most part this show has kept its focus on prepping and what people are prepping for.

Tuesday night, they premiered episode 4 of Doomsday Preppers. The first guy they featured was pretty cool. He was a prepper, even calling himself a mobile prepper. Cool concept! The last guy they featured was also a prepper and he was doing something a little different, but at the same time very good.

The middle person they had on was not a prepper in my opinion. She was getting ready for a world-wide pandemic. She had a ton (literally) of medical and cleaning supplies. She put together pandemic buckets for her family, friends, and fellow community members. She knew her stuff. But she was not a prepper. She was paranoid. She is a fear-monger.

I have problems with people who are fear-mongers. They have a tendency to prey upon people and scare them until they do the very thing the person scaring them is doing. This lady made sure everyone was prepared for this including her family. They did not want to do her drills to get ready. You could see the reluctance on their faces and what they thought of her drills by their attitudes. While I am sure the producers of the show made her seem a little more crazy than she was, she still needs people to come around her and help her to see that being so extreme actually could hurt her preparations.

However, do not let this show scare you or give you a negative image of preppers. Most are not crazy. Most do not prepare for one thing like the show leads you to believe. Most preppers want to be ready for almost anything. The core of prepping is to be to protect and provide for your family and yourself however you see fit.

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  1. I do have a question about these preppers. Are their preparations in any way tied in with politics?

    1. They do not outright say on the show that they are. I would assume that if they are preparing for hyper-inflation or our economy failing that politics might have something to do with their decisions. That is a good question that I will try to find out more about.


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