Weekly Update - February 12

What a crazy, busy last few weeks we have had as a family! I love the phrase "Treasure these moments with your children because they won't last". No kidding, they don't last. Time flies too fast for them to last!

What has been going on? Hmmm...

1. Shali's prom dress arrived and it is gorgeous. When the altering is done, I will post a picture of her in it!

2. Basketball season is over for Shali. This season was better than last year despite the injuries. However, we were all a little excited for it to be over.

3. Danz Squad is done for the year for Shali and Jordan. This I think we will all miss a little bit except for the early morning practices. The squad has their end of the year party with some great awards given. Jordan was given the award for having two left feet and for being the most improved. Shali was the given the award for lollygagging (she is rarely on time for anything) and for being the most sharpest.

4. Parent Teacher Conferences and Midterm Grades happened. I am very proud of my younger two! They did awesome! My older two did fairly well, but need to work just a little bit harder.

5. Shyla the dog got hauled to the vet. I shouldn't say haul, but she used to not go willingly. Anyway, she quit eating on us and lost a bunch of weight. We found out that she has inflammatory bowel disease and with some hope, the medicine will work. I think it is already since she appears to have put weight on already. Anyhow, she is back to her happy self and is quite happy to get her medicine since it is rolled up in bacon.

6. Shali went to state in Readers' Theatre for speech which in high school is a pretty big deal. They did really well in Dubuque and got two - ones and one - two. They were happy with their performance and had a great time at the hotel in Dubuque!

7. Dishwasher is broken. We will have a funeral for it in a week or two. It has had a good, long life of 22 years. I do have a new-to-us dishwasher lined up, but I need to find time to get it. I don't mind washing dishes by hand, however, my kids do mind washing dishes by hand.

8. The house got cleaned at least once. I am desperately holding onto that once too by keeping it that way.

This doesn't seem like much, but I wasn't home much for three weeks. I am happy to report that except for one head cold, we stayed healthy.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


  1. Great summary and sounds like you have a great life worth living


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