Weekly Update - February 19

(Sorry this is late. The internet has been so slow the last few nights that I cannot get this to post. I am trying it now!)

This last week I think we all took a sigh of relief. The busyness of the sports seasons is gone for a few months. The girls needed this. I needed this. Of course we still have spring play going on, but that doesn't seem so bad. I even got a girls' night out! Woo hoo!

A lot got done on the home front. I got caught up on the laundry. Rob got the new dishwasher put in! Yeah! The old dishwasher had quit working for good. We suspect that the drain pump went out. I would loved to fix it, but the dishwasher is 22 years old and parts are hard to find. Plus, it was not cleaning the dishes that well anymore.

We washed dishes by hand for two weeks until we could pick up a new-to-us dishwasher. I really don't mind washing dishes by hand. Something about making the dirty clean again makes me feel good. My girls, however, are not fans of hand washing dishes.

Saturday morning, I picked up the new-to-us dishwasher and brought it home. Rob pulled out the old dishwasher. Ick!!! I don't think it had been moved in 15 years. Then we pulled the refrigerator out that sits beside the dishwasher. Gross!!! I don't think that had been moved in 11 years. I swept and scrubbed the floor underneath and marveled at the revealed goodies that had been lost. A lot of those went into the trash. I also vacuumed behind the refrigerator to help the fan run easier. The coils are enclosed so I did not worry about vacuuming them out.

Rob changed the outlet beside the refrigerator so it could handle having the refrigerator plugged into it. Before the refrigerator and dishwasher were plugged into the same outlet. Having each on their own outlets helps the load the outlet handles and gives me a free outlet to plug a dehydrator or bread maker into. We cleaned up the mess and read up on what we would need to hook up the new dishwasher. Then we went on a date!

Sunday, we ran to Bomgaars to get the necessary items for the install. We got home and discovered we forgot the pipe dope and the diesel to keep the reefer going on the trailer. I ran back to town to get those. I went to Bomgaars and then got diesel which I spilled on myself. While I was gone, Rob discovered we would need more dishwasher hose and another fitting. Back to Bomgaars I went smelling like diesel! Ick!

I got home and he had the new drain hose done and attached. He had discovered a hole in the floor that would be perfect to slip the dishwasher hose through to attach to the hot water line. All he had to do was drill through the tin and linoleum to open it back up again. After two broken drill bits, a sliced finger, and changing directions, he got a hole drilled into the floor. Dishwasher hose was hooked up and dishwasher was plugged in. No leaks and runs like a dream! Yeah!

I am so grateful for Rob's work on this. However, I was informed that this would be the last plumbing job he does. I guess he hates plumbing. I can't say that I blame him!

That was the big, exciting event for the week! The kids are doing well except for Jordan's mono seems to have made a return so we pray for fast healing for her.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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