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Personal Information Sheets for Kids

The more I learn about preparedness, the more I learn I am not! Welcome to my weekend project: making a personal information sheet (or a life sheet) for each of my children. I do not have anything like this in a file or in the car if needed. The experts also recommend that you put a personal information sheet in each of your kids' bug-out bags. We do not have those either, but I would like to get this part started. What should be on the personal information sheets? Here is a list: Child's Name Address Phone Number(s) Parents' Name Parents' Address (Important in two household situations) Parents' Phone Number(s) Medical Information - known conditions, allergies, history Emergency Contacts Personal Information: height, weight, eye color, hair color, distinguishing marks, skin color, gender Child's Photo I will be making my own sheet, but I have found a sample sheet if you would want to go that route. This sheet included fingerprinting your child. I

Monthly Update for March

March! I love March! This month always seems like the turning point for the me in the year. I want to do things because winter is almost over, spring is coming, and the weather is getting warmer. In Iowa, the weather was so mild this winter that winter did not seem like such a hardship! We started off the month with my oldest turning 17! Where did time go? How did she get so grown-up? She is becoming a wonderful young lady who we are all very proud of! Besides her birthday, both of the older girls were involved in the school play and did wonderfully! Paige graduated from DARE and is now very knowledgeable about drugs and alcohol. Paige and Dane have been loosing teeth and we are seeing a lot of gaps! I have been canning this month! Canning in March! I can't believe it, but that shows how much my attitude has been changing in being self-sufficient and making more of our own food. I canned 6 quarts and 1 pint of chicken stock. Rob brought back some green beans from Florida and

Prepping: It’s About Responsibility

Great article! Personal responsibility is a concept not often heard in our society anymore. Society as a whole finds blaming others to be far easier than stepping up and saying they are personally at fault. When you take personal responsibility for your actions and the care of your family, you will be able to prepare for any situation. Prepping: It’s About Responsibility

What We Need Today

What we need today is... We need a lot of things. In reading and listening to the news over the last few weeks about the upcoming presidential elections and the nomination of the Republican candidate, one thing sticks in my mind. We need a presidential candidate and leader who believes in American standing up for themselves. We don't need a candidate who is for war, but will go to war if necessary. We don't need a candidate who is going to create more debt and understands that we do not need a big government. We need a candidate who believes in American taking care of itself. Not by coddling us and telling us what we should do and take from the government. Not by accepting the ideologies and hand-outs that our government gives us. This will be difficult. We currently have a president who is trying to push on us a health care system not wanted by the American people, is interested in creating jobs but refuses to sign in legislation that would do just that, and has no

Trying to Simply Life (And Not Being Very Successful)

The title says it all. I have been trying to simply life and I have not been very successful at it. I know I have areas I need to work on, but actually doing it has proven to be a bit difficult. Not because I don't want to, but because I am trying to depart from things that have been a part of me for a long time. First of all, no matter how cliche it sounds, having a clean, decluttered, organized house will help you. I speak from experience. I don't mind a disorganized and chaotic house. I feel normal in them. But they do not help with my sense of peace and calm either. I get frustrated when I cannot find something. Having everything in its place leads to less frustration. Not having to dig my way through a bunch of clutter helps preserve my time (and sanity). Am I perfect? Oh, no! My house is not the cleanest and gets very cluttered. When I start to feel cluttered in my mind and chaotic in my thinking, I know a good decluttering and cleaning session is in order. I feel bet

Dehydrating Bananas (or How to Make Delicious Banana Chips)

My kids love dried banana chips. Fresh bananas do not get eaten up very fast here, but banana chips do not last very long. And they are so easy to make yourself. Much, much cheaper than buying them at the store. First get out your trusty dehydrator . Blow off the dust if you need to. (This is an old one that my mom did not want anymore. This dehydrator would be an excellent one to use!)  Next get your bananas ready. I may have used bananas that were a little to ripe this time, but they worked out fine. Slice your bananas. I slice mine to roughly a quarter inch thick. If you like a crispy chip, slice thinner. If you like a chewy chip, slice thicker. Since I had room on my trays, I sliced a few apples too. Apple chips are also very  popular at my house. Load the trays into the dehydrator. Turn on or plug in the machine. Whatever you need to do to turn it on.  And wait. My machine takes about 24 hours to dry the chips out. A long wait, I know, but the house smells

Girls and Their Clothing Needs

I try to keep up with the kids and their clothing needs. With the girls now, this is somewhat easy. They just about wear the same size. Even when they were younger, clothing was not really a problem to keep up with. Shali and Jordan wore just about the same size all the time or were just a size apart. Shali would wear the clothes, pass them to Jordan to wear, and repeat. I would pack them away and get them out again for Paige to wear. It was a good system. An easy system. Then the girls started to go through the change. They start to go through shoes and clothes like they are disposable items. They started needing more in the undergarment department. Have you seen the prices of girls' undergarments? Talk about ridiculous!!! Since I am on my third girl going through this, I have started getting smarter about buying this stuff. Although this girl has given me new challenges that the other girls did not. I kept some of their stuff for Paige to start out with. Problem is, Paige

Meal Plan for Week of March 5

Below is our meal plan for the week. I need to have a plan and be accountable for it. I skipped a few weeks of planning just to get some things cleaned up and out of the freezer. I am trying to make room for the half of beef that I want to have ordered and processed soon. This week will be a little of the same, but hopefully focusing more on the healthier meals. Monday - Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, and Onions in the Crockpot Tuesday - Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken and Rice, Leftover Vegies from Saturday's meal Wednesday - Turkey Sloppy Joes, Homemade Baked Potato Chips Thursday - Roast Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Corn (Frozen from last summer) Friday - Easy Baked Rigatoni, Salad This weekend's meals are still up in the air, but Saturday's lunch may include leftovers! Sundays we usually have brunch instead of lunch and that includes something like pancakes or French toast.  Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Some Interesting Links

I haven't been posting so much because I have been busy learning! I am trying to learn more about canning, prepping, and to some extent candle-making. Here is what I have been watching on YouTube lately: Canning Chili: Canning Potatoes: Canning Beef: Canning Pork: Here is some of the blog ideas I have been reading about: Canning Chicken at the Hugs and Giggles Blog Making DYI Survival Candles at the TEOTWAWKI Blog 6 mistakes Homesteaders make and how you can avoid them at the Joybilee Farm Blog Rising Gas Prices: 10 Ways to Save Money at the Pump at the Frugally Sustainable Blog I hope these are as informative for you as they were for me! Thanks for reading!