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Random Thoughts - April Edition

Since my mind has been so scattered lately, I will attempt to give you all an idea how many different directions it goes!

#1 Prom is this week for Shali! Yeah! To me, this is more exciting than when I went myself. She is not my child who loves dresses so to see her get all dressed up is awesome! Although I broke down today and admitted defeat...I called the stylist about her hair. I can do part of it, but not all of it. Oh well, I shall learn!

#2 In one year, we will not be just getting ready for prom, but also graduation. For me, it is so hard to believe that Shali will be in her last year of high school. Time really does fly!

#3 Why is it when one is trying to simplify their life, do so many people take offense? I quit selling Avon which made some of my customers less than happy. I just didn't have time anymore and I simply have no desire to stretch myself so thin. I also withdrew from all but one of the coupon groups I was in and said no to a few civic commitments. I don't know how so many can do so much, but I just can't do that much anymore.

#4 Raising a boy is a lot of fun...and very, very challenging. Raising him to be a good man will be a difficult task. Right now, getting him to see things from others' perspectives is my current task. This was a lot easier with girls!

#5 Wishing Jordan could kick mono altogether. The mono just continues to hang on giving her migraine-like headaches that nothing, but sleeping for 12-16 hours helps. This headaches also cause personality switches because she gets very grumpy very quickly! Getting to stay very hydrated helps as does managing her caffeine intakes. Hopefully this summer will be just the cure - no school and plenty of time for rest!

#6 With Jordan having mono and catching everything that comes her way, I have a whole new appreciation for keeping kids home when they are sick! Please parents, keep your kids home when they are sick! I know, I sympathize because I use to be one who didn't so much. No fever, no puking was my motto. Not anymore!

#7 I wonder if I could create an unpaid internship for a personal assistant. They would get room, board, and meals of course and maybe a vehicle to drive. Seems like I need someone to clean up the details for me and get the little stuff done. Besides Paige - she can remember a lot of details. Oh well, one can dream!

#8 We stayed away from church a lot of this winter to keep Jordan away from some of the germs and bugs running around. I am finding that I do not miss church though. I miss the people, but I don't miss going to church. This bothers me not a little, but a lot. Maybe it is time to find a new church that appeals to us on many levels.

#9 I am still watching Doomsday Preppers. Funny enough, so do my kids. While I find that some people on the show are extreme or are shown to be extreme, one can learn a lot from them. However, I do find one thing very disturbing. At the end of each segment when the experts proclaim that "whatever situation" is unlikely to happen. Some of those situations I do believe unlikely to happen, however, dismissing our current economic situation and China's involvement in our country is nothing to be taken lightly. I am hopeful nothing does happen, but NatGeo is making these people look paranoid when dismissing their concerns in an effort to not alarm the viewers.

#10 If you have not been adding to your food storage, I would suggest doing so. Food prices are starting to rise again. Whether due to the cost of production or cost of transportation, this is not good. For awhile, they were starting to decrease, but now I am seeing them start to rise. You can do this gradually or all at once, but I would be adding to it.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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