Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday's Thrift Store Finds

Yesterday, I went to one of our local thrift stores, Everything Under The Sun, to see what she had. She usually has some really cool things in there! I have been on the search for some bigger containers to store my bulk ingredients. This is what I found:

The picture doesn't do this a lot of justice, but I got a 3 gallon Tupperware container, a 1 gallon Rubbermaid container, 2 Tupperware Modular Mates, a purple candle, and a mini curling iron. All I spent was....$3.00! 

Can I get a whoot-whoot!!!

The containers are already in use. The candle was put into the prepping supplies. The mini curling is in the bathroom awaiting the girls to discover it. Shali wanted one to experiment on her hair with for prom. 

I am loving the money I saved from this! Can you imagine how much this would have all cost retail? Yikes!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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