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Fearing what?

Every day, I welcome what people tell me. I like the honesty and the open discussion that comes from comments I receive on this blog. I like to debate and I don't have a problem with people who tell me that I am wrong. Some days I am. This last month, however, I have come to one realization. Some people believe that I prep, store food, garden, and learn new skills because I am afraid. That I am doing this out of fear. I only fear one thing. If you have a spouse and/or kids, you will understand this. I fear not being able to take care of my family no matter what happens. I have been given four incredible blessings to love and care for. It is my primary job to take care of them. I fear nothing else. Fear leads to so many other negative things like paranoia, cowardice, dependency, and irrational reactions. Fear is not healthy. To me, fear is paralyzing. I refuse to be afraid of anything. I do not believe the world is going to come to an end. I do not believe that we will all b

Do you have a list of meals?

I have resisted this idea for a long time. Making a list of meals that we make on a regular basis or that I would like to incorporate on a regular basis. I just didn't think it was necessary. I had many excuses for not doing this too. Excuses such as it was a waste of time, I try too many new recipes to have a consistent list, didn't see the benefit, etc. After reading a few books in the last two weeks that emphasized having a list of meals, I began to see the wisdom and multiple benefits beyond just for organization's sake. Why I resisted this for so long baffles me now. This can take some time to do, but it is easy to start. I sat down and listed my favorite meals that I make. Then I asked my kids what meals they liked and could think of. Finally I turned to my cookbooks that I use the most and/or had tabs marking good recipes. This did not take me long at all. The benefits of having a meal list are many: 1. Saving money: With your meal list, you can compare your li

Things always happen in threes...

I grew up with this phrase: Things always happen in threes, especially bad things. Last week proved this right once again (darn it) and could explain the quietness of this blog this last week. Last week Tuesday, I got the health scare I did not want. Did I think it was serious? Not really, but it had me a bit concerned. I went to the doctor to get a cyst drained because it was starting to be very uncomfortable. Not painful, but certainly a pain to deal with! The doctor ended up doing in-office surgery to get take out a mass of some sort. He thought it was a tumor of some sort. On Wednesday,  I found out it was a fibroid tumor. Whew. You know, just the thought of a tumor had me thinking a bit during that week. My health and physical condition are not very wonderful. I could be a lot thinner, but I like to eat! Starvation and dieting have very little appeal to me. So I need to work out more which I have been doing. The results were already there when I lost seven pounds in one week!

Picking Ourselves Up and Dusting Off

Life can be hard. It can throw you curve balls you never expected to happen. Divorce. Loss of job. Loss of spouse. Car accidents. Loss of child. Many things can happen. They all take time, love, and patience to recover from. Sometimes, though, people stay tethered to those events. They let those events define them and give them excuses for their actions and non-actions. In some cases, their family and friends label them and keep them tied to the events. For many reasons, this bothers me. I ran into an acquaintance yesterday. I had just purchases plants for my garden: tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and onions. She asked what I was doing and I explained I had just been to the garden center so I could get more of my garden planted. She looked at me strange and asked why I would want to do that. I explained that I got a lot of satisfaction raising my own food and not having to rely on the grocery stores. I also explained that by raising my own food, I could be independent from the

When I Have Too Much On My Mind and Can't Sleep

 By nature, I am a night owl. I love to be up late and get things accomplished at night. But I know this does not fit my life right now. I need to sleep. Getting to sleep before 11:00 most nights can be difficult. I had one of those nights last night. I couldn't get to sleep. I had so much on my mind and things I wanted to remember to do. It just about drove me crazy! What is a girl suppose to do? I started writing down everything I wanted to remember. Remember to do, remind myself little things, etc. I must have had a lot to remember. I know I finally took the paper and marker to bed with me so I could continue to put ideas down. In no way will I get all this accomplished. No way. Nuh-uh. Just so you all know that I am not this accomplished, have it together kind of woman. I would be lost without these lists! Thanks for reading! Have a great night!

Why Store Food?

I have been reading a lot lately on other blogs about stepping up the food storage. I follow several prepping blogs that keep me motivated and give a good direction to go in my food storage. Something occurred to me a few weeks ago when my kids were teasing me about storing food and water and the end of the world coming. My kids did not know why I prepped. They did not know why we store food. They did not know my motivation. I knew why. I haven't shared with many people why I stored food and water. I know I could explain and people still not understand why, but I am okay with that. I will attempt to explain now. About nine years ago, my then husband and my finances had hit rock bottom. We were in over our heads in debt because of credit cards and car loans. We were so overdrawn at the bank we couldn't cover anything. We did not have money to buy the necessities like food, detergent, and paper goods. Before we sought help, we ate almost everything in the house. We couldn&

When I Can't Get It All Done

Some of you have been incredulous at my routines and schedules. I need them because I lack the self-discipline to get stuff done myself. But I have days where nothing gets done. We may have had a busy day. My energy levels were low. Many excuses can be used here. Last night, it hit me. Out of the blue. I have been doing something without thinking anything about it. When I decide it is time for bed, I start a walk-through of the house. I want to make sure the front door is locked, windows are closed if need be, electronics are shut-off and unplugged if possible, etc. In doing this, I always find a few things to do in each room. I usually do 2-3 little things in each room. And I never really realized what I was doing. Whoa. In the office, I always have papers to file/trash or mail to go through. The front hallway always has school papers to sort through, coats to be picked up, and things to be put away. The living room always has blankets to be folded, remotes to be put away, and thi

Monthly Update for April

April has come and gone and I haven't posted a monthly update! Time flies when you are busy! What happened this month? For the family: * Easter spent with family * Paige got second place in the Kossuth County Poetry contest for her age level! * We lost our dog, Shyla, after a lengthy illness. She had been a good, loyal dog for 11 years! * I have a new niece and the kids have a new cousin! We are all excited for my brother and his family! * We adopted a new to us dog, Emmie, on April 21 and unfortunately had to put her to sleep on April 30 due to her kidneys failing. We are happy that we got to be with us for 10 days and had a good time with us! * I cleaned the living room carpet. This is a big deal everyone! The water was just nasty! * I cleaned out the closet in the living room to hold more things much more efficiently! * Shali had her first prom! Now, following the outline set by the Preparedness Challenge on Homestead Revival , I will let you know what we did t