Saving Money on the Utilites

I got my utility bill last week and for the third month in a row, I have had a drop in the usage which means a drop in the budget for next year hopefully. I am on budget pay for my utility bill, meaning I pay a certain amount each month. This majorly helps with my monthly budget which cannot handle the high winter bills!

As a side note, just to explain: my whole house is electric including heat and air. No gas, no solar, no alternative energy sources. Trust me when I say, this is nothing that I am comfortable with. We are dealing with it for now.

I have been doing some things to get this bill down besides rejoicing in the mild weather we had this winter and somewhat this spring. I had been reading in several blogs and articles about phantom power. Phantom power is power sources that we have plugged in, are on constantly but have no need to be, and are still drawing power because they have a clock or a display screen on. A few examples are the microwave, DVD players, MP3 docking stations, phone chargers, etc.

Computers are another source of phantom power. Even though you shut down your computer every night, it is still drawing power. Check the back on your tower/CPU and see a glowing light? Still using power. We have been combating this by having everything plugged into the surge protector/power strip. I also plug my router in there too. At night, I shut down the computer and flip the switch on the power strip. Both the computer(s) and router are shut off and not drawing power. More often than not, these stay off all night and most of the day until we get home from work and school.

Another power source is the microwave. Do you really need to leave this plugged in all the time? Do you actually need the display clock on? For me, I am to the conclusion that we did not need it. The stove is a mere three feet away and that has a display clock too. The stove is also very difficult to plug and unplug. The microwave, however, is a cinch to unplug. I am also finding out that we can and do go 2-3 days without plugging it back in. A significant savings there!

Some of the other power sources to pay attention to are the electronics. I have a power strip for my TV and DVD player, gaming systems, and home theater systems to be plugged into. Again, very easy to flip the switch. I also encourage to do this for your children's rooms if they have phone chargers, MP3 docking stations, and stereos. They can flip the switch at night and/or the morning to cut the power to these things that are not being used.

These all seem like little things, but they all add up to big savings. Where can you cut power today?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


  1. Some hints for you that might be useful can be found at the following website (german federal ministry for the environment...)

    Greetings from Germany!

  2. You might consider using one of these on various appliances to see how much power they are drawing.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could check one of these out from my local library.


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