When I Can't Get It All Done

Some of you have been incredulous at my routines and schedules. I need them because I lack the self-discipline to get stuff done myself. But I have days where nothing gets done. We may have had a busy day. My energy levels were low. Many excuses can be used here.

Last night, it hit me. Out of the blue. I have been doing something without thinking anything about it. When I decide it is time for bed, I start a walk-through of the house. I want to make sure the front door is locked, windows are closed if need be, electronics are shut-off and unplugged if possible, etc. In doing this, I always find a few things to do in each room. I usually do 2-3 little things in each room. And I never really realized what I was doing. Whoa.

In the office, I always have papers to file/trash or mail to go through. The front hallway always has school papers to sort through, coats to be picked up, and things to be put away. The living room always has blankets to be folded, remotes to be put away, and things to be put away. The dining room table always needs to be cleared off (it becomes a collection center) and stuff to be picked up off the floor. The kitchen always has work to be done in it. The laundry room always needs attention even if I just fold five things. Then my bedroom always needs clothes to be put away and clutter to be dealt with.

I may not feel like I am doing a lot because I may only deal with one or two items in each room. Items, not tasks. But I feel like I have done something and my house is a little more orderly. Awesome!

Some days, you just have to play mind tricks with yourself to feel better about yourself!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


  1. Mother's work is never done! Have your children do it with you, which helps you and trains them to see things that they are oblivious to. Keep up the good work.


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