Food Storage Bucket Style

Five gallon buckets are so handy! I use them for so many things and I can never get enough of them! This is one of the most popular ways that I use them at my house. I store food in them. They are easy to store in, accessible, can hold a fair amount of food, and can by easy to store. 

How do I store my food in buckets? Let me show you! (And apologize for my messy basement. It has since been cleaned up!) 

First, I get an empty, clean five gallon bucket. Such as the one pictured.

I like to use gamma seal lids. They are very handy, easy to use, and a dickens to get on. Separate your gamma seal lid and put the seal part on the bucket. 

Might need one of these and some serious hammering with the mallet. No need to be gentle here.

Once the seal is on the bucket, congratulate yourself. The hard part is over! Fill the bucket like shown here. 

Screw your lid on tight and you have a sealed bucket. That you can unseal without hurting your fingers and breaking fingernails like you would with a regular bucket lid. 

I have a white one and a red one. No reason. I just found out that Menards carry these and I am so happy! Although I purchased the red one through Emergency Essentials and they are great too!

See? I still have a need to use regular lids. For now. Regular lids are good too and provide an excellent seal. I would recommend getting a bucket lid lifter to save your fingers and fingernails. They are so worth it!

Remember to label your buckets for your and your family's sanity and ability to find your goods.

Easy storage using buckets. They stack so well!

Five gallon buckets can be your food storage friend with the right tools and a little investment!

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!


  1. Exactly what I do! Love those buckets. I've been getting them free from bakeries lately, which works great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the gamma lids. I need a few more lids actually. I store all my wheat, beans, rice, and more in buckets (free from local bakery dept. in grocery stores).


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