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New Member of the Household (Again!)

We got a new dog! Again, we adopted her from a local pound. They had found her wandering a park in Rochester. They had her for a week or two and had trouble finding a home for her. I took one look at her and fell in love! The Animal Control officers told me she was skittish and shy. We only had her for an hour before deciding that might not be the case.  Dane and Lily The kids, by lottery, named her Lily and she has seamlessly become a member of our household. I couldn't ask for a better dog. She is a black lab mix. She is very friendly and very devoted to being wherever we are. We are not sure how old she is, but I am guessing over a year. We also discovered that whoever had her before spent a fair amount of time training her because she knows several commands, listens well, and is housebroken. I wanted her to be a farm dog, but she has other ideas. Since she behaves so well in the house, it is hard to argue, but I do hope to get her used to be outside for long periods

This Week's Frugal Activities

Sorry about going so long without posting. I have a bunch of posts coming when I get the pictures downloaded from my camera! I had posted this in the comments at The Prudent Homemaker (great blog/website!) This is what I posted in response to her blog post about frugal activities done in the last week. I thought it would be great to share with you all too! We are working on not spending money this week, but that is not always to the case. This week: We had a neighbor who told us to pick whatever we wanted out of his garden since he is gone. We picked enough cucumbers for 5 quart jars of refrigerator pickles, 6 lbs of tomatoes that I will turn into crushed tomatoes today, and 1 freezer quart bag of raspberries that I will turn into raspberry jam. I was also given a grocery bag stuffed full of yellow squash by a customer. We have eaten some on the grill and I made 6 pints of squash pickles. I will make another batch of squash pickles and put the rest into the root cellar. I ha

Paying Attention?

Anyone paying attention to the news lately? I do not watch the news on television, but I read a lot of it from newspapers and the internet. Here is what is getting my attention: 1. Droughts in the Midwest and a good deal of the West. This drought will have an effect that will be widespread and disastrous. Corn, soybeans, and wheat comprise much of what you buy at the grocery store. If our supply suffers due to the drought, and it will suffer, you will be paying much, much more at the grocery store. If you eat a fair amount of processed foods, then you eat more corn and soybeans that you even realize. Flour and bread prices will be affected if the wheat supply is less than normal. All three are used in some way to feed livestock. Less supply will mean higher prices for feed which will mean higher priced meat. This is just me talking, but I will be stocking up now of some of the grocery items that will be going up shortly. Spend now and save later! 2. Unemployment and jobs numbers

Garden and Whatnot Update

Time for an update, but without pictures for right now. Hopefully, in a day or two, I can get pictures taken and up so you all can see what I have and haven't gotten down around my place. I have been working outside later in the day and as much at night as I can get away with and be able to see some. Y'all? How can I sum up this summer so far? HOT! Honestly, I like the heat. I like to be warm and if I sweat a bit, I don't care. But this humidity? It can take a hike right out of here. Unfortunately I think that it is helping the plants a bit, but we need real moisture that comes in a liquid form. So I am watering my garden every night. I found out that the water in the barn does work which much closer to my garden so less work with hoses. This is a good thing because I needed to get into the habit of watering my plants with consistency. The mulch is helping too, but I need to finish that project. So much to do and not enough time. How are my plants doing? Here is a

A Shift in Attitude About Saving Money

Some time ago I had a major shift in my attitude when it came to saving money. For quite a while, to my own folly, I thought the only way I could save money was when I spent money. I would do little things at home to save money that were just second nature to me. But I thought that when I wanted to buy something that I needed to save money that way instead of saving money by not spending money. There is nothing wrong with saving money when you are buying something. I still do this. You can bet I am not going to waste Kohls' cash or a Menards' rebate by not using it. But saving money this way is only one aspect of saving money. To be truly frugal, I had to start looking at the big picture. Savings money was only something I could do. I can encourage and enforce my children to save money and make cost-saving measures. But in the end, I am the one who has to do this. This was a big revelation to me in a way. In another way, it was a "duh" moment. I started looking