Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Don't Know Who To Vote For

This year's elections have me a little lost, a whole lot confused, and completely frustrated. When I say I don't know who to vote for, it is a little like saying I don't know what color to paint the kitchen. Whatever I choose, I will have live with the consequences for years.

The current guy is not who I want there now. That I am certain about. I am not a fan of forced universal health care and abusing executive orders. I am not a fan of someone who wants to take away our means of protection and make us dependent on the very group who have proven over and over again that they only take care of themselves. He promised us change and he did not disappoint, but somehow what he has done was not what I had in mind or understood that he had in mind. But then, he didn't let us know much of his plans when he was running four years ago. Now we know his true colors.

The guy running against him doesn't do much for me either. He already has forced universal health care in his state, but claims he will not enforce that on a national level. I am doubtful of that. Many claim that if he is in power, we will see the middle class disappear. I think they already are. Although I thought I would never say this, he is not nearly conservative enough for me. However, I do like his values. I like that he seems to be a pretty upstanding devoted family man. I do not like that he is very rich and might not have a handle on how most of us live or try to scrape by to live.

I would think by reading what I just wrote that my mind is already made up. Truthfully, it is leaning that way. Here is my major, foremost concern: no matter who we vote in, will we just be getting four more years of the same? Have we progressed to the point in this country where we cannot undo the damage already done? Have we forgotten what our forefathers accomplished and the documents they set forth for us to govern our country? Have we been too complacent in the last 60-70 years and let our government run without input from the people?

At the point, I would say yes. I think there is hope though and that hope can be accomplished through our actions at the voting booth and a more active involvement in our government. Last week, I wasn't sure what the point to voting was for this year because we have change coming that will change all of our lives whether we want to believe it or not. But I think we have a chance for change to go our way if we do the right things and become people who want a government who works for us and not the other way around.

Please give much thought and become informed about who to vote for this coming election. If you do not like what is going on now, then understand that you can help change that if you so wish.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!