What Do You Plan To Put On Your Food?

Condiments and sauces are another overlooked item in the well-stocked pantry and food storage. From time to time, I like to take stock of what I have and I realized one day badly how I was lacking in this area. I did quickly remedy this area as well as continually add to it.

Condiments and sauces do so much and take so little effort. They can make a bland meal fantastic, liven up the overdone meat, mask a burnt meal, and give a little happiness for those tired of the same rice, potatoes, and pasta.

This is my list of the condiments and sauces that I keep on hand. You might keep different items and that is all good. To each their own.

1. Pasta sauce. Especially the tomato kind. We use this a lot, but I like to make sure I buy it in glass jars and it does not contain high fructose corn syrup or dyes.

2. Ketchup. I don't use this as much for dipping as I do for making other sauces. However, the kids like to have this on hand at all times.

3. Teriyaki sauce. An Asian meal in minutes. I like this stuff, but I make sure to buy organic or all-natural. Avoid the teriyaki sauce with MSG.

4. Soy sauce. Again, an Asian meal in minutes. I also use this in a lot of sauces and marinades.

5. Peanut Butter. I detest this stuff, but my kids would stage a revolt if we didn't have it on hand.

6. Mustard. We have several varieties, but mostly dijon, yellow, and honey mustard.

7. Jams. Again we have several types, but all jams consumed at my house are homemade.

8. Chocolate Syrup/Sauce. Once in a while, chocolate milk and chocolate on ice cream is a good thing.

9. Worcestershire Sauce. 

10. Barbecue Sauce.

11.Tartar Sauce. This stuff has a ton of other uses besides fish. Because of certain people in my life, I have discovered you can use it on sandwiches and fried goods like cheese curds. Yum...

12. Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing. Whatever preference you have for the white stuff in the jar. I don't use a lot, if any at all. However, my kids think it is necessary for sandwiches. So be it.

13. Salad Dressings. For actual salad. Otherwise, you can keep the stuff on hand to make your own. That is pretty easy too.

14. Gravy. Again, I usually make my own, but there is something to be said for opening a jar and dumping it out. Especially with the gravy you are making fails epically. *cough*

What else should I have on my list? What else would you have on yours?

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  1. I agree. I have many bottles of ketchup, mustard and mayo in my pantry, along with gallon jugs of soy sauce. I am a pasta fanatic so I won't even tell you have many jars of pasta sauce I have (along with mass quantities of noodles)! I also store jars of pizza sauce, and keep shredded mozzarella cheese in the freezer, so a cheese pizza can be thrown together in a pinch. Lots of tomato sauce also, and vinegars: balsamic, red wine, and apple cider.

  2. I use hummus as a condiment, while making a veggie pita sandwich. It is really good, health, easy to make, and great during the hot summer days.

  3. Sounds like a well stocked pantry to me! I think I have all the same things in my pantry.
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Visiting from Home Sanctuary.


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