Cleaning for Someone Else...And Avoiding My Own Cleaning!

Does anyone else find it easier to clean someone else's home instead of their own?

I cleaned Rob's last weekend as a thank you for changing car brakes on Shali's car and because it was his birthday weekend. The thought of cleaning my own house in that manner just doesn't do much for me, but it needs a major fall-cleaning.

Maybe because I know my house will not stay that way after it is clean. Rob's house will stay clean for a lot longer!

In reality I did not do that much at his house, but they added up to a big finish. The list of what I did looks like this:

 - dusted the whole house including the tops of the windows and door frames
 - wiped down the front inside and outside doors
 - wiped down the window sills
 - wiped down the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers
 - cleaned some of the inside windows
 - vacuumed
 - dishes

Again everything I did was little things, but they added up. The house looked good. What helps is that Rob is not a messy guy. He is very neat and tidy and has no love of messes. Unlike my children.

I just didn't realize how tired and sore my arms and shoulders would be after I got done. I sat down and bam! It hit me!

I obviously need to get into better shape, but that is another blog post for another time. In the distant future.

I think I will try for this at my house this weekend. I also know I need to purge majorly so I will carry a box around with me to put giveaway items in. The kids should be around as runners to things away in other parts of the house. This might work!

Or maybe I should trade houses with someone and we could do each others. I would be okay with that!

Join me in this weekend's "fun"!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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