Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Could You Please Pass The Legumes?

Before life interrupted the Food Storage series I started writing, I had covered spices, condiments/sauces, and grains. Today I am going to cover legumes.

Quite frankly, I am still working on this area with my family. I am still experimenting with incorporating more legumes in our diet. Legumes are peas, beans, peanuts, and lentils. These are all very cheap to purchase. Beans and lentils make an excellent alternative to meat in one's diet when paired with a grain or something made with a grain. An example would be beans and rice!

However, with skyrocketing meat prices, I am looking at legumes more seriously. My family seems to be willing eaters of them except for my youngest and he is learning to like them. I have discovered that the cheapest legumes are the dried variety, but the dried variety needs to have some planning to cook them. Lentils and split peas are easy in that they do not need the soaking time that regular dried beans and peas need. Canned varieties of beans are easy to use and make a quick addition to any meal.

As I mentioned before I am still experimenting with legumes and what my family likes to eat. As of right now, this is what I have on hand:

1. Lentils

2. Canned black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, chili beans, baked beans, refried beans and great northern beans

3. Dried Split Peas

4. Dried kidney beans, cannelloni beans, black beans, pinto beans, great northern beans, and navy beans

5. 16 bean soup mixes

I have some variety listed, but in the legume category the variety does not come from the products listed. The variety comes from the multiple ways they can be prepared! You can make:

Many, many kinds of Soups
Beans and Rice
Baked Beans
Calico Beans
Cowboy Beans 
Skillet Dishes
Lentils and Rice
and many more things! Legumes are so versatile! 

I am canning my own beans as well as making my own soup mixes from the items listed. I like having options for using these delicious things!

What do you keep in your pantry for legumes?

Thanks for reading,


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