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Some things are beyond understanding...

and today's news proves just that. As of right now, heaven has sixteen new innocent little angels as well as the eight people who dedicated their lives to guiding them.

There is one man who choose to end that for them. One man who choose to kill himself in an act of cowardice and selfishness instead of facing the senseless and inexcusable acts of crime that he committed. One man who choose to kill the woman who brought him into the world and raised him.

I am shocked, stunned, saddened, angered beyond belief, and a variety of emotions. My heart is so heavy with hurt and compassion for their families and friends of these innocent people. Nothing would be a decent enough explanation for what happened today and, then, being this close to a holiday that means joy to so many people.



What possesses someone to do this? I am already hearing from my friends who believe guns should be banned and from my friends who think everyone should homeschool. Neither is the answer to this.

The gun did not shoot itself. It was a tool that would not have made a difference to the person using it whether it was legal or illegal.

Kids and parents should not punished because they choose a public/private schooling for their children. Children should be safe at school no matter what.

The real problem is the person who was disturbed enough, angry enough, troubled enough that he failed to use his conscience and common sense to stop his actions today. He was angry at his mother and he took that out on 26 innocent people. He choose his actions, methods, and motivations. He needed help, but choose not to seek it. He was angry and he did this.

The media will eventually give us the reason he did this and the story of his life, but that does not change anything. It will not excuse this.  It will not bring peace to those families who lost love ones. It will not bring back the joy that the families lost when they are missing loved ones this Christmas.

Instead of blaming the method of the killings today or the circumstances of why, blame the person. Blame Adam Lanza. He committed the murders today. He made the decision to do these senseless acts of violence.

I can not even comprehend why, but I am angry enough myself over this to reach out and hug my children because these families will not be able to tonight. Remember to show your love to your children and help them when they need it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Mentally ill patients were kept in special hospitals, that came crashing down when *do gooders* assumed they knew more than the medical profession and pressure was applied to the court system to let them be freed. The courts force then Gov. Ronald Reagan to close down such speciality hosptials, and patients were turned loose on the streets. For those whose families who could take care of them did, for awhile, until they could no longer control them. When the family member refuses to take their medication because they do not like how it makes them feel you, you have a valcano waiting to explode . We now see what happens when common sense is removed from the medical equation.


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