Frugal Tip Friday: Reuse The Wrap!

How many packages do you get? What do you do with all the packing materials that comes with those packages? I hope you don't throw it away!

I ship a lot of items from selling on Amazon and eBay. I am constantly looking for ways to reduce my costs without giving the appearance of being cheap on the packaging materials. One of those ways is to reuse the packaging materials that come with my online purchases. 

Unless the shipper has used a ton of tape, the bubble wrap can be reused. Carefully unwrap the bubble wrap from the package, fold it up neatly, and put it away for the next time you need to ship or carefully wrap something. I would not recommend trying to tear the tape off the bubble wrap because it will tear. Just gently cut the tape so it will lay flat.

I also reuse the packing peanuts and plastic "pillows" that come with packages. These are usually in great condition after I have received the package. Find a tote or use the box they came in and find a spot on the shelf for them to be used again.

The great thing about these items is that, in addition to shipping items, I keep them for wrapping gifts or transporting fragile items over long distances in the van. I also keep them around in case stress relief is needed. Nothing like popping some bubble wrap or packing pillows for a little fun!

Being frugal means taking advantage of what is around you and finding a second and third use for everything. In a way, you have already paid for those packing materials when you bought the item. Stretch your money a little further and reuse them!

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  1. Stopping by from Company Girl Coffee

    I should remember to save the little pillows too. Thanks for the tip!


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