Changes In The Blog

Hey y'all! Google Reader is doing something tragic! They are closing that handy little service as of July 1st. Google Reader is also taking Feedburner with it!


What does mean for you? If you subscribe to me by Google Reader or Feedburner, you will need to change the way you subscribe to me by July 1st. There are a number of ways you can do this and I will go through them all.

First, you can sign up for emails meaning every day that I post, you will get an email! I like that option!

Second, you can like Living Life in Rural Iowa on Facebook. I post on there as soon as I publish an article as well as other things that I find interesting and relevant.

Third, you can use one of two services: Feedly or Bloglovin'. Both sites operate similar to Google Reader, but a fair amount more friendly and prettier. A plus would be if you have Google Reader, they will ask for your Google ID and transfer your blogs to the site. Easy peasy!

I will be taking Feedburner down in a few days so if you subscribe that way, please chose a different way. I really like my readers and want you to see everything!



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