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Weekend Links

Enjoying a quiet Sunday morning? We sure are here. I think the kids are wore out from yesterday which is a good thing since we try to make Sundays quiet and relaxing here. I like some good reading material on Sunday mornings and I would love for you all to check these out!

I wanted to start something for the weekends and I couldn't really decide what. I have a lot of interests and I read about a lot of different things. I always want to share that information with you and I couldn't decide on the best way for a long time. I always want to sound like the expert and share this information with you after I tried it, but you know I just don't have the time to try everything I want to.

Every weekend I will share with you 5-8 articles, blog posts, or books that I think you should check out. I will be posting where they came from and what the article is with a link for you to go see them yourself. This truly is the best way because I do not want to take credit where credit is not due.

So, without further ado...

6 Little Known Signs of Adrenal Fatigue by Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist
  - This article was written in 2010, but I just read it again on Friday and am blown away by it. She explains so much better about adrenal fatigue than I could. This signs she talks about will blow you away!

Americans Must Read This
 - A bit harsh, but that is the reality and everything he said is true.

8 Tips For Storing Food in Mylar Bags by Food Storage and Survival
 - I love these tips. Using mylar bags has been a bit of a mystery to me, but this has cleared up a lot!

Bug Out Bag Meals: DYI MREs by guest blogger on TheSurvivalistBlog
 - I think there is a lot more uses for these DYI MREs than just Bug Out Bags. I like this food choices and combinations although some of the choices might not be the healthiest, but I would rather eat than starve.

How To Grow Potatoes from Eye to Harvest - It's So Easy by diyNatural
 - I love their tips for growing potatoes and want to try their tips for growing in containers.

25 Things That SHTF Doesn't Care About by Survival and Beyond
 - Nice little wake up call to reshape your priorities a bit.

12 Tips to Use It Up, Wear It Out and Make It Do by Gaye at Backdoor Survival
 - Excellent advice!

To Parents of Small Children: Let Me Be The One Who Says It Out Loud by The Actual Pastor
 - Sounds corny, but AMEN! I have completely get what he is saying here!

Thanks for reading! Have a great Sunday!


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