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Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash

During the summer, the grill is where it is at! Actually I grill year round, but I love summer grilling. I especially love grilling the fresh garden bounty! This recipe is a super simple side dish or appetizer that can be used with a variety of vegetables. I actually learned this from Rob and was a little perturbed at myself for not thinking of it before. But he and I have two different ways of doing this. These are delicious and so, so easy! Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash 2-3 firm zucchini and/or summer squash, unpeeled Olive Oil Sea Salt and Pepper to taste Slice the zucchini/summer squash into 1/4" thick rounds.  Rob's method: Place rounds on a wire vegetable rack . Brush olive oil on the zucchini/summer squash, season with salt and pepper, and flip the rounds. Brush olive oil on the other side and season again. Place on the grill. My method: Place rounds in a bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Toss them with your clean hand unti

Prepare All Year Round for Everything, Not Just One Thing

I have been asked over and over again, "What do you prepare for?" They all expect one answer or to hear one thing. The truth is that very few people I know prepare for one thing. They prepare for many things or everything. Very rare that someone ever prepares for one thing. That is foolish and narrow-minded. I prepare for everything year round. I might prepare more for things depending on the season or current conditions in our country. During the Spring I prepare for storms, tornadoes, the upcoming hot weather, constantly changing temperatures, and the summer schedule. I also get my garden ready and start planting to have food for the winter. During the Summer I prepare for storms, tornadoes, hot weather, next school year, and the fall season. I get any projects done that need to be done, any necessary house repair, garden, can and preserve food, and plan for the fall. During the Fall I prepare for the upcoming winter weather, constantly changing temperatures, bus

Monday Frugal Update

Wow! Glad to be talking to y'all again! The craziness in my life has come to a temporary halt. Graduation is over with and softball/baseball games have not begun except for practices. I have some posts written for here already and plenty more ideas! After remodeling two rooms and graduation, I feel poor so the frugalness has been pouring out of me! Beyond that, I have been feeling a bit lazy so I have been finding solutions at home so I don't have to go to the store. Sometimes I think being frugal is from being lazy and sometimes I think it is because I am being smart about my resources. Let me know what you think! So for this week in frugalness, I have been doing these things! 1. I ran out of dishwasher detergent. I realize I could (or the kids could) wash dishes by hand, the dishwasher saves a lot of time, hassle, and arguments. So I found a great recipe from One Good Thing by Jillee that has been working great. I still wish I could use powder detergent, but this dishw

MYO Bagged Salad

One of the most frustrating things for me in grocery stores is bagged salads. I like to eat healthier because I feel better, but supermarkets certainly do not make it easier for me to do so. They sell bagged salads with some wacky ingredients, lettuce/greens with no beneficial nutrients, and they are so overpriced! Yesterday, I had an idea hit me so suddenly that I was surprised! Why not make my own bagged salads? Genius I tell ya! Some of you, I know, are saying "duh". Some of you are wondering what kind of time and bother is involved. I don't blame you. With the schedule I have been keeping lately, I couldn't be making anything complicated or mind-boggling. I just can't do it. The benefits of making your own bagged salad are: 1. You control the ingredients. You can make them anyway you like them! You can have as many ingredients or as little ingredients as you like. I dislike red onions and nuts in my salads so to have a salad without those? Aweso

Monday Update

Until next week, I will make no promises that I will be posting regularly. Now that I think about it, next week isn't looking good either... maybe the week after that... anyhoo... What has been happening in the crazy busy life of this household? Only this: See the pretty girls ready for prom? That took a bit of work plus some creative complaining to have this come about. More about that another time. They both had a great time and were sad to see it over with. See the walls and the floor? They are sort of new! The walls that needed to be replaced, got replaced. The walls all got textured and painted. The worn out linoleum got replaced with laminate hardwood. I love it all! I was so happy with the results that I had to pinch myself! Now to get everything back together and get ready for the bathroom that needs new walls. I am glad that I found someone willing to get these projects done! As some of you may know, we got some snow on Wednesday-Thursday last week! 8 inc