What do you carry in your vehicle?

There are some things that everyone should do in my opinion. One is being prepared for anything no matter where you are. Where do you spend a good deal of time? For me, that time is spent in my vehicle or near my vehicle.

I like to carry certain items in my vehicles. Some things are just standard and you can find in almost every vehicle. Some things are because of a life lesson I was taught (kids puking comes to mind!). Some things are due to the fact that I am frugal and do not like to pay more at convenience stores/concession stands.

This list is not a comprehensive list. I have taken the advice of multiple lists and I still have things I want to add when I can afford them. I will include those items in the list too. Also, take into consideration that I live in Iowa and need to think about winter conditions.

What do I consider standard carry items in vehicles?

* Jumper cables
* Ice Scraper
* Sleeping Bag and/or Blankets
* Maps and/or Atlas (try to find maps that have county blacktop roads on them)
* First Aid Kit including pain relievers
* Trash bags
* Plastic grocery sacks
* Bungee cords and Tie Down Straps
* Towing cable/strap
* Tire Repair Kit
* Baby Wipes and Multi-use Wipes
* Facial tissues and napkins
* Paper Towels
* Knives
* Means to protect yourself or buy yourself time
* Scissors
* Manual Can Opener
* Washcloths and Hand Towel
* Spare Tire, Jack, and some way to get the lug nuts off
* Pry Bar or Hammer (for breaking windows to get out of vehicles)
* Screwdriver (I suggest a multi-tip/all-in-one screwdriver so you have multiple tips and sizes)
* Multi-Tool or Multi-Plier
* Flashlight
* Water
* Non-perishable food
* Personal items like sanitary items for women, toothpaste/brush, nail clippers/file, etc.
* Sunscreen and Bug Spray
* Umbrella
* Ponchos
* Coat/Jacket/Sweatshirt
* Gloves, Hats, and Scarves
* A Pair of Comfortable Shoes and Socks
* Cell Phone Charger
* Insurance Cards and Car Registration
* Paper and Pens
* Books and Magazines

As you can read, this list is not going to be suited to everyone. I find that we use or will use everything on this list. I also find that these items are necessary for almost any situation from emergency situations to sitting in the van waiting for kids to get done with practices and going to ball games. Everyone will have different things they will want to carry in their vehicles.

What would you suggest? Please comment below!

Thanks for reading!


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