10 Days in July Update

I told you all I would try to keep you updated on my progress in 10 Days in July project list. This has been going okay. I would like to be further along, but I am happy with where I am. I am at least getting something done!

The list:

The Kids Are Gone Project List

1. Change out the outlet in the living room. Cords just fall out when plugged in. **STARTED**

2. Clean and purge Paige's room. This will be a multi-day project.

3. Purge toys out of Dane's room. He has grown out of a lot of toys!

4. Fix the leg on the loveseat. Hopefully I can just fill in the leg and re-screw it onto the loveseat. Otherwise it will be bricks holding up that end.  **DONE**

5. Get some canning done. I have chicken stock, beef stock, chocolate sauce, and strawberry jam to get done. **Chicken Stock and Chocolate Sauce are DONE**

6. Put together second set of shelves in the basement and organize the rest of the stuff on the floor. **DONE**

7. Find shelves or reorganize my office for the books I am selling on eBay. They are taking over my office!

8. Clean up my office. It...is...a...very...very...very...messy room! **STARTED**

9. Put a deadlock on the back door. I have one for each of the doors, but I figure I better start one at a time.

10. Make candles. I have had the stuff to do this for a year, but never have gotten them done.

Here is the progress picture update!

I got 10 quarts of chicken stock done. In a genius moment, I also canned up the frozen chicken stock from freezer so I could have more room in my freezer. Normally I only get 7 quarts when I make stock, but the addition of the frozen stock (heated up) I got 10 quarts.

I tried a new recipe for chocolate syrup/sauce. I wanted more of a syrup so I didn't cook the syrup as long. The kids love to add it to their milk! I doubled the recipe and made 8 half-pints. However, I already gave one away and have one in the fridge.

Here is my new basement shelves. Thanks to my dear friends who helped me get them done because these are 2-3 man project! This is my second set of shelves and I love them! I do have more to fill them, but this is what I got accomplished this morning. (sorry about the blurry picture!)

I didn't take a picture of the loveseat, but I ended up using bricks on the leg that broke. I tried to repair the leg of the loveseat, but it was too far gone.

What have you gotten accomplished with your project list?

Thanks for reading!


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