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Monday on Tuesday Frugal Update

Paige and Dane are finally home! Yeah! Now if I could have all four home at the same time, that would be even better. Time is slipping away fast. Shali will be going to college in six weeks. I feel like there is so much yet to teach her and guide her in that I sometimes panic.

What do you teach an 18 year old about going to college and being frugal with their money? We did finally get a bank account set up for her and she is learning quickly how fast money can leave her account. She is learning also to manage her money. She has been living on cash for a long time so she does understand that when the money is gone, it's really gone - no more spending.

I would have liked her to stay on cash basis, but unfortunately her college bill has to be paid online. She will be paying her college bills from her account so she needs a bank account. My hope for her to be responsible with her money and to live within her means. That will require her to live frugally and sometimes creatively, but I think she already has these skills. She will learn also that her shoe and sunglasses habits may have to go on hold for awhile!

The rest of my week will be finishing that dratted 10 Days in July list since I ran out of time. I should have gotten a lot done this weekend, but with Rob here, we got a lot of other things done like cleaning house and decluttering my dining room. I think he fixed a few things too.

Also, Jordan will be going to the doctor and the oral surgeon. Time to get that coughing she hasn't been able to get rid of figured out and her wisdom teeth are causing a lot of pain now. Paige has her well-child/sports physical this week also. Also, this weekend will be getting all three girls ready for camp: Shali J-staffing for a third week, Jordan to teen week camp, and Paige to adventure camp at Okoboji. Dane gets to hang out with grandparents, mom, and family for the week!

So for the frugal activities of this week:

1. I dehydrated strawberries, bananas, blueberries, apples, and potatoes.

2. I downloaded free books for my Kindle.

3. I signed up for several freebies and samples. I have received one book, free financial living information, coupons for free items, and sample toiletries this week.

4. I made yogurt to have for breakfast.

5. I canned chicken stock and chocolate sauce.

6. I fixed a pair of Dane's shorts that lost a button, sewed a pillow that had a seam coming apart, and a coat pocket that came apart.

7. I kept my driving to a minimum during the week making no unnecessary trips back to Algona and running errands over my lunch and after work. We did have a trip to college orientation and a ball game, but that was expected.

8. I dried clothes outside and on the clothes rack. I did have to use the dryer a few times, but I am trying to get away from using it for every load.

9. I sold some more books and an audio CD on Ebay.

10. We shared some meals with friends which was much better than eating out! Yum!

11. I used my Hy-Vee Fuel Saver card twice to save money on gas.

Sometimes, this doesn't seem like much, but everything adds up!

Thanks for reading!


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