Scenes From The Farm

If you stopped by today and visited with us, this is what you would see!

We have bell peppers starting to blossom and some are growing peppers. I can't wait for them to turn red and orange!

Some rugs over a chair waiting to go back inside

Some wild roses on their last bloom

We are surrounded on all four sides by corn growing tall

Beautiful yellow daylilies

The tomatoes are growing big and we have tons of blossoms!

An apple tree loaded with promise for a large crop!

Not much right now, but I love the promise of this farm and the potential for what is here! Such beauty on five acres!

Thanks for reading (and looking!),


  1. Looks great Erica - I miss having the fruit trees and blackberry/blackraspberry bushes that we had growing up. My mom had a huge garden, don't miss all of the weeding that came along with that!


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