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Weekend Links

I wanted to start something for the weekends and I couldn't really decide what. I have a lot of interests and I read about a lot of different things. I always want to share that information with you and I couldn't decide on the best way for a long time. I always want to sound like the expert and share this information with you after I tried it, but you know I just don't have the time to try everything I want to. Every weekend I will share with you 5-8 articles, blog posts, videos, or books that I think you should check out. I will be posting where they came from and what the article is with a link for you to go see them yourself. This truly is the best way because I do not want to take credit where credit is not due. So, without further ado... If You Could Make More Money By Going On Welfare Instead of Working, Would You Do It? by The Economic Collapse DIY Liquid Castile Soap "Wonderful" by Backdoor Survival Natural Headache Remedies To Ease Yo

No Spend September - Will You Join Me?

Due to some unexpected expenses and trying to get caught up on some other bills that I was working on paying off, I am declaring a No Spend September . I am also extending an invitation to you all to join me! A No Spend Month can look a little different for everyone. Some people will choose to live off what they have in the pantry and some will allow a minimum budget for the grocery store. Some will have some expected expenses that they will need to cover in this month and others will strive to not spend anything that is not necessary. A No Spend Month is a challenge. It may be difficult at times. It may require sacrifices and disappointments. You may feel like you are failing, but just get back up and at it! You may be pleasantly surprised by how creative you can be. A No Spend Month is also a time to look at your finances, your expenses, and your budget. What can you live without? What do you really need? Can your money be put to better use? Can you put some of your money in sa

Monday Frugal Update

Well...I think we are back to our normal routines and schedules. Whatever that is! We are discovering a new normal with Shali at college, Jordan being very busy at school, and Paige and Dane at a new school. Paige will be starting cross country tomorrow and she is very excited! Since my older two girls were not runners, this is something new for this family, but I think she will be great at it! Shali is moved in her non air-conditioned dorm room at UNI. It took us two trips - one on Friday and one on Saturday - to get her moved in and everything done, but it was worth it. Getting a kid moved in is not cheap or easy, but we did pretty well. I will blog about that soon! The downside to the last few weeks was that Jordan's car and my van both broke down. Not easy on the pocketbook even with help. Jordan's car needed new injectors and my van needed a new crankshaft sensor. Unfortunately, my van broke down right after we left to move Shali to college. Fortunately, it broke down

Weekend Ideas and To-Do's

I am feeling a little lost right now. We are looking at several big changes happening to us over the next week. Four kids going three different directions. College and high school. Junior high school and elementary school at a completely new-to-us school district. School starting next week. A kid moving to college at the end of the week.  A mama feeling a little frazzled over logistics and change. Change happens, but I am not a fan of it for various reasons. However, my one way to cope with change is to get organized and get things accomplished. This weekend looks to be busy for almost everyone, but me! Things to get done: Clean the kitchen Make lactose-free yogurt for Paige Make a double batch of granola Make a batch of cheese crackers Make a triple batch of granola bars Boil/Bake a dozen hard-boiled eggs Mail out sold books Clean up office floor Hang up big calendar so everyone can write down reminders and happenings Clear off bulletin boards in office Get any c

Things to make your Cell Phone/Smart Phone run better

Since I entered the Smart Phone world recently, I have had to learn a lot about this phone! I love its conveniences as well as its very, very helpful features. Some of those helpful features and conveniences come with some downfalls that end up costing you more money and time. They become very inconvenient! Then we get frustrated. The first thing to know about your cell phone is how to save your battery. I could not figure out why I was going through my battery so fast and constantly recharging the battery. Then I learned a few things and figured out some more. This is very simple. Shut off the Wi-Fi and the Data on your phone when you are not using it.  With the Wi-Fi and Data shut off, your phone is not constantly searching for a signal, not continually trying to update, and not trying to download anything. Also with those things shut off, your phone is not trying to find your location which can be the biggest drain on your phone battery. With these shut off, you are saving y

Monday on Tuesday Frugal Update

Wow...last few weeks kicked my rear! We had county fair, family visiting, all four kids at home at once, kids gone, and the general craziness of life! This last week was equally as busy with state fair (Yeah Paige!), a doctor's appointment that turned out good (Yeah Jordan!), Shali gone for part of the week, school registrations, getting ready for college, canning, selling books, and whatnot. Maybe I need another vacation or staycation or whatever it was I took in July.... Anyhoo...for this last few weeks' frugal update: I canned 10.5 half-pints of peach jam, dehydrated another 10 peaches, and made peach crisp from a box of peaches. Of course, we ate a few too! I picked a couple of early tomatoes for eating only. I hoping for a good crop so I can at least make pasta sauce for the next year. My tomatoes this year need almost daily watering to be getting anything from them. I was able to shut off the air conditioning for a whole week! Woo hoo! Saving money on the utilit