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Monday Frugal and No Spend Update

Since we are all about keeping it real on this blog, I will admit this last week has sucked. Big time. Getting back on track financially and doing what I can to make some extra money is getting very difficult. Thank you to the State of Iowa for "helping" in this endeavor. You have not made my life any easier this last week with cutting a few services as well as allowing the child support to drop down even though he is still in arrears.

If that sounds angry and bitter to you all, I am right now. I am struggling very hard to stay upbeat and positive. Every time I take a step forward, I slide back down two steps. I can tell you this: The No Spend Challenge will extend into October. Unless a miracle happens.

This week will be a total exercise in not spending money. Hopefully, insurance will cover everything tomorrow when Jordan gets her wisdom teeth out. She is so miserable that they need to come out now. Otherwise we should have a rather cheap week with very little going on except a volleyball game and a cross country meet tonight and a volleyball tournament on Saturday. Paige and Dane have dentist appointments on Wednesday, but insurance will cover all that too. I also need to get vitamins for Paige since she still needs them.

The No Spend Challenge went well last week. I did eat dinner out after a game one night, but I kept that under $5.00 which I had cash for. I did get gas twice again last week. I filled Jordan's car once. I spent $55 for two birthday presents for Rob, but that was planned already.

I spent $60 in groceries which leaves me with $20 in my grocery budget ($130) for the month. Hopefully at the end of the month, I will be able to give you all a post about how I spent the $130 in groceries.

I did sell a book and a necklace to make a little spending cash. I am thinking about posting one thing a day of the Facebook for sale sites to get rid of a few things around the house. I am working at decluttering the bedrooms right now so this may help me to get rid of a few things.

I redeemed a bunch of bottles and cans that were given to me and I had found on my walks in the country. Amazing to me how much people throw out their car windows! I made $39 of which $35 went into my gas tank.

I gave up my tickets to a concert on Sunday and sold them online to another couple. That hurt a bit, but I saved $56 and someone else got to have a great time. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made.

I didn't much on the from scratch front. I will be home tomorrow with Jordan so I hope to get a lot done!

How is the No Spend Challenge going for you all? Please let us know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Every time I read about a No-Spend challenge I want to participate but find that I can't for different reasons. (My hubby would NEVER agree!) But I applaud your efforts and love to hear of your successes. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiring example to me.


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