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Monday on Tuesday Frugal Update

I love three day weekends! Now I have a legit excuse to be late with this post! All joking aside, it was a fun, busy weekend.

I learned something new! I have mentioned I love adventure and trying new things. This weekend, Rob arranged for me to learn how to drive a four-wheeler and to go off roading. Once I got the hang of shifting the four-wheeler, I loved it! I always thought I would love it, but it was exhilarating! Even better, we were in some beautiful areas in Wisconsin near the Mississippi River and I can completely understand why people love it there. I love visiting there! And I can't wait for another opportunity to go and teach the kids how to drive one too!

I got a check from Nationwide Insurance for overpayment in the amount of $3.13. However, they owe me a little more than that, but that is another battle for another day.

We got some free cat food from Rob courtesy of a place he delivers to. If they hit the pallet with a forklift and rip a bag open, they can no longer accept it. So he brings the cat and dog food home with him to give away to people who need it or to animal shelters. We got one big bag and 6 small bags which will feed our cats for 3-4 weeks. That will certainly make the No Spend Challenge much easier!

Speaking of the No Spend Challenge, it started on Sunday, September 1st! And I tried to blow it already. I did say this would be challenging, right? Actually, it was not a big deal. I bought a half yard of fabric on clearance ($1.50) to be part of an apron I want to sew. I need to have some aprons on hand because I am ruining clothes and spending a lot of time getting grease stains out of shirts. Hopefully in the next month, I will get that tackled.

As we have run out of napkins at home and we are in the No Spend Challenge, we are switching to cloth napkins for the month. I have been wanting to try this anyway and now I have the perfect excuse to do so. I already have cloth napkins on hand so I will be getting them out tonight for supper!

We have gotten a few tomatoes and peppers from the garden. Not enough to do much with canning, but I am hoping soon!

We are also watering plants with water collected from the dehumidifier. I normally have a hose hooked up to drain the dehumidifier, but that was not working correctly. I dumped the collecting bucket into another bucket for the kids to water the plants with. I hate to waste water so this is a great thing!

I did get a few groceries ($26.00 worth - mostly meat) for Rob's house to eat over the weekend, but no grocery shopping for my house. We didn't really need anything! We did pick a bag of cat food (before I went to Rob's), shampoo/conditioner for myself with a coupon for $1.10 off two, a can of shaving cream that I had a coupon to get it free, and two Mrs. Wages pouches in anticipation of tomatoes from the garden. I spent $20 for everything. Not great, not bad.

I made my niece two headbands for her birthday from ribbons and hairbands. I had everything I needed already and they made a nice accompaniment to the watch we gave her. I had gotten the watch when a local business went out of business.

That is this week in a nutshell. Please post how you are doing in the No Spend Challenge and what you have done frugally! I would love to hear and get new ideas!

I also have an informal poll going on Facebook right now about what frugal roadblocks you have encountered or what stops you from being as frugal as you would like to be. I am planning a blog series on this and would love to hear from you!

Thank for reading!


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