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Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Shopping: Is the Headache Worth It?

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping can be crazy. Stores opening at midnight if they even closed at all. Standing in line and getting a ticket to buy an item at a significant savings. Missing out time with family and friends to go shopping. Employees missing time with family and friends on a holiday to satisfy a corporation's greediness. No, I don't agree with stores being open on Thanksgiving Day. It is a holiday after all and just because someone works retail doesn't mean they need to pay that price. I don't agree with stores opening at ungodly hours to satisfy their bottom lines while offering deals that are irresistible to shoppers. I don't like the whole craziness of these shopping days and what they stand for. I personally try to never participate if I can help it. Last year, I got one thing online and regretted it because despite the reviews, it was cheaply made. The problem with Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping is that the people are fee

Monthly Frugal Update

So...anyone miss me? Just joking, life has been busy and I lost my memory about November 9th. I can't seem to remember anything. I have this wonderful tool called a smart phone and I need to it to remind me of things to remember. Like putting out a blog post before I hit the land of Nod. I need an organizational system. One that is incredibly cheap a.k.a free. So if you have a wall or desktop sized calendar that you don't want, call me. I will be right over to get it. I need one place to write down everything in our house that is out in the open for me to see. I have been cleaning and decluttering even more. Amazing what you think you needed a year ago that you don't need now. I do keep a lot of stuff because I am very frugal and don't like to throw out anything. However, I have a lot of stuff that the kids have grown out of that needs to go. As for the frugality of the household this month, the goal has been to not spend any unnecessary money. None. We are not

10 Totally Free Prepping Things To Do

This post is a part of the 30 Days of Preparedness Round Robin with Prepared Bloggers! Thank you for visiting! I love prepping lists! I have so many printed out and filed in a binder so I can look at them. I get motivated by them and finds all sorts of ideas to get things done! I am offering you today a list of 10 totally free prepping things to do. Some of the things will take only a few minutes to do, some will take a few hours, and some might take more time than that. You can do these things with your family or invite your friends over to do these things. The only thing that might not make this totally free is canning jars. However, I am assuming most of you have jars on hand! 10 Totally Free Prepping Items To Do 1. Learn to get around your house in the dark. Think about the days when you were a teenager and had to sneak in and out of your house without your parents hearing.  You didn't do that? Oh. Moving on... Learn your escape plan and be able to get aroun

Some days and dreams are better than others...

I struggle. We all struggle. Sometimes the right response to a situation absolutely does not come to me. Sometimes the right thing to say becomes clouded in what I want to say and can't. I am not a good verbal speaker most days. I have a tough time putting my sentences together and making sense. But I can write. Some days I feel like I am back in junior high. Let me tell y'all - I HATED junior high school. I am still trying to wipe that whole time frame out of my mind 23 years later. The self-doubt, the mocking, the immature having mature feelings, and the feeling like I was going to be a mess are all feelings I don't miss from that time. I have a serious need to help people because so many people have helped me when I was in need. I have a need to pay forward and bless others with the knowledge I have gained. I get so excited to know that I can help others. For so many years, I didn't feel like I had anything to contribute to the world much less friends and famil