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Monday Frugal Update

Let me get this out of my system: 9 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!! AHHH!!! I am not done Christmas or Birthday shopping yet. And I am a bit bummed by that fact. However, progress is being made. I will probably finish on this Saturday because I find great deals on the Saturday before Christmas. I am also working on some handmade presents too so hopefully I will have those finished this week. Paige's birthday sleepover went smashingly! She had nine girls over which resulted in a nice size group. I made four large pizzas (2 pepperoni, 2 cheese), brownies, seasoned oyster crackers, four - two liter bottles of soda, and popcorn for them to eat. Not much was left over! Breakfast was just cereal and they were happy with that. They watched movies, had a talent contest, a dance contest, and went outside in the dark with flashlights a few times. They did eventually fall asleep around 3:30-4:00 in the morning! The whole party cost me about $11.00 out of pocket. I had almost everything else on

Christmas Birthdays

Gotta love Christmas birthdays! My Paige was born three days before Christmas and on my dad's birthday. At the time, I didn't realize how tough it would be to keep her birthday separate from Christmas! Birthday parties need to be planned and held in advance! As with all my kids, I do not throw big blowout celebrations every year. They get a big one when they turn seven with all their classmates invited. When they turn thirteen, they get a party and sleepover with the friends they want to invite. When they turn sixteen, they get a night out with their friends - usually that involves dinner out, the movie theater, and a sleepover. The birthdays before and in between are usually just family only with maybe a friend or two over and maybe a sleepover with that friend depending on what is going on. This way, I stay sane and the birthdays do not wreck my pocketbook. My kids know that their birthday is a special day, but they will not have a huge blowout affair that will spoil t

Are You Struggling Financially This Christmas?

How is Christmas going for you this year? With Christmas being just two weeks away, are you feeling overwhelmed or joyous? Wondering when that Christmas "miracle" is coming so you can afford to get some gifts? Wondering how you can buy gifts when the bills are piling up? Wondering how you can get presents for everyone? This time of year is difficult for most people, but those struggling to make ends meet already feel the pressure even more. The temptation to put the gifts on a credit card or not pay other bills to buy gifts is very, very great. The pressure to get gifts for everyone and make everyone happy is overwhelming. How can anyone feel joyous when they don't how to make it all work? I have been there. I am still there for the most part. Even with my frugal lifestyle, Christmas creates panic in my heart and sanity. Every year, I tell myself it will be different. With small changes every year, it has become a little different. I would like to share what I

Monday Frugal Update

This week has tested me and shown me that I do have some creativity once in a while! Rob calls me "crafty", but I am not sure what he means by that except that he thinks I can do anything once I put my mind to it. Paige lost her cell phone battery. She has my old phone and the end button does not work which means one has to pop out the battery to end the phone call or shut off the phone. She is certain she lost it in my van, but the battery has not shown itself yet. I found a battery from an old phone that fits in hers to make her phone work again. Yeah for not having to buy a battery or a new-to-her phone! I fixed Dane's backpack. The latch broke in half. I put the two pieces together and covered it up with some Batman duct tape, making sure to wrap above and below the latch too. He thought it was rather cool! I have been working in Shali's room as of lately getting it decluttered and reorganized a bit. I will have to change to Jordan's room very soon so I

Monday Frugal Update

This last week was very good to us. Very relaxing and somewhat calm. Besides sports and dance practices, work for three of us, and family get togethers, we just kicked back a bit. We watched a lot of Harry Potter and Star Wars since it was on television. We all watched our almost favorite Christmas movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas (yep, we are like that). We ate a lot of food and managed to get a few things done around the house. It was all good. I avoided Black Friday for the most part. I did go to Bomgaars for some softener salt that we were out of and picked up some AA batteries and pajama pants for my rapidly growing girl. If we hadn't ran out of softener salt, I would not have shopped at all. We were rather amazed at how many people were at Walmart and Kmart on our way home on Thanksgiving. Just crazy how full and overflowing those parking lots were! We did some more decluttering and reorganizing. We cleaned clothes out of Paige's closet that did not fit her anymo