Christmas Birthdays

Gotta love Christmas birthdays! My Paige was born three days before Christmas and on my dad's birthday. At the time, I didn't realize how tough it would be to keep her birthday separate from Christmas!

Birthday parties need to be planned and held in advance! As with all my kids, I do not throw big blowout celebrations every year. They get a big one when they turn seven with all their classmates invited. When they turn thirteen, they get a party and sleepover with the friends they want to invite. When they turn sixteen, they get a night out with their friends - usually that involves dinner out, the movie theater, and a sleepover.

The birthdays before and in between are usually just family only with maybe a friend or two over and maybe a sleepover with that friend depending on what is going on. This way, I stay sane and the birthdays do not wreck my pocketbook. My kids know that their birthday is a special day, but they will not have a huge blowout affair that will spoil them or give them unreasonable expectations.

Christmas birthdays take a little more planning. With Paige's 13th (!) birthday party this year, we are holding the sleepover/party the weekend before her birthday weekend. So many people have Christmas celebrations the weekend before Christmas so that is not a good time. If we wait until after Christmas, it might get forgotten in the busyness of January.

Within our immediate family, we celebrate with supper (usually lasagna), dessert/cake, and opening of gifts. Grandparents are invited if they can make it. Otherwise, we might have a little celebration at their grandparents' house too.

For Paige's, my niece Sadie's (she is shortly after Christmas) and my dad's birthday, we celebrate at noon on Christmas Eve at my parents' house. We have the birthday celebration at noon and Christmas celebration at supper. By doing it this way, they stay separate and unique. We open birthday presents after lunch and wait a little bit later to open Christmas presents.

I think it is important to keep the specialness of birthday separate from Christmas. The kids who are born around Christmas did not pick that time to be born and should be given a special celebration just like their siblings get.

As you can see in the picture, I even try to avoid having any Christmas decorations in the picture. This does not always happen, but I try. Luckily for me, Paige just loves Christmas so she does not mind! All the same, we keep the birthday a birthday and separate from Christmas!

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  1. At least her's is BEFORE Christmas, mine is Dec 30. I've had a birthday party with friends exactly 3 times in my life (I'll be 56 this year). NOBODY wants to attend a party the day before New Year's Eve. About five years ago I decided to forgo celebrating in December and change it to April, a month when there are no birthdays in our family. It has been lots more fun to have a celebration then. When I was growing up my mom always made a special birthday dinner and cake, and we had a family celebration with separate presents; she was so good about that. Happy Birthday to Paige! May her day be special, you are such a good mom too.


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