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Monday Frugal Update

Let me get this out of my system: 9 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!! AHHH!!!

I am not done Christmas or Birthday shopping yet. And I am a bit bummed by that fact. However, progress is being made. I will probably finish on this Saturday because I find great deals on the Saturday before Christmas. I am also working on some handmade presents too so hopefully I will have those finished this week.

Paige's birthday sleepover went smashingly! She had nine girls over which resulted in a nice size group. I made four large pizzas (2 pepperoni, 2 cheese), brownies, seasoned oyster crackers, four - two liter bottles of soda, and popcorn for them to eat. Not much was left over! Breakfast was just cereal and they were happy with that. They watched movies, had a talent contest, a dance contest, and went outside in the dark with flashlights a few times. They did eventually fall asleep around 3:30-4:00 in the morning! The whole party cost me about $11.00 out of pocket. I had almost everything else on hand!

I held pretty tight to not spending money last week except a $31.00 trip to grocery store. I got some groceries for Paige's party, some things on a really good special, conditioner, and cat litter. The best deal was getting four boxes of name brand cereal for $6.00 total. Dane was a very happy camper when I came home!

I took cans and bottles back to the redemption center and made $8.00.

I turned in a few receipts for my clothing allowance at work and got a check back for $40.

I have been helping a friend move and they gave us three trash bags full of clothes for Paige to go through. She is having a ball going through those bags! She was really in need of clothes so this was an awesome gift!

I sold a couple of books on Ebay and shipped them out last week.

I made a loaf of bread this weekend in the bread machine. I think I will make another tonight.

Last week, my goals were:
1. Get Paige's birthday present made. This has hit a few snags. I think I have figured out a solution though!
2. Wrap presents.
3. Spend no money unless it is gas for vehicles. Not quite, but close!
4. Make bread and some Christmas goodies.
5. Finish Shali's one closet and Jordan's closet to get to the Christmas stuff.
6. Write two blog posts.
7. List more things on Ebay.
8. Get Christmas tree up and decorated.
9. Scrub kitchen floor.
10. Clean up laundry room.

This week, my goals are:
1. Get Paige's birthday present finished.
2. Figure out what I bought for stockings, fill them, and get the bought presents this week wrapped.
3. Finish shopping on Saturday.
4. Make bread and some Christmas goodies.
5. Finish Shali's one closet and Jordan's closet to get to the Christmas stuff.
6. Write two blog posts.
7. Get Shali's bed vacuumed and bedding washed before she gets home.
8. Find my camcorder.
9. Scrub kitchen floor.
10. Clean up laundry room.

Thanks for reading!


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