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Monday Frugal Update

 This week has been quieter and I have been lazier. The kids have not had a lot of school or been to school on time so, for some reason, that messes me up. All I have wanted to do is cozy up in my recliner, write, and plan. Paige had a couple of basketball games last week so that contributed to getting not a whole lot done. I have higher hopes for this week.

I made two loaves of bread in the bread maker and a pan of granola bars. I also made a bunch of MYO Oatmeal packets using oat flour that I had on hand instead of powdering oats in the food processor. We ate dinner at home every night except one when we were taken out for pizza!

Grocery shopping was heavier than usual this week due to some really good stock-up sales. I will be going back today for 10 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for 1.68 a pound and two cases of water for 1.99 each.

I have a clothing allowance at work that I needed to get used up by the end of this week. So I placed an order on Old Navy's site using Ebates and a discount code. I also bought a lot of sale on their site so my savings were significant, but I haven't had time to figure it out yet. I am guessing the savings to be about $40 for spending $67 plus I will get reimbursed by my company for what I spent. I have a little more to spend yet and have my eye on a few things on Ebay to use up the difference.

I have been pouring over seed catalogs and trying to plan my garden. I am hoping that without high school softball this summer, I might be able to play in my garden more. We would like to get to the point of growing most, if not all, our own food. I know I want to put in 4-6 blueberry shrubs and an asparagus patch in addition to the rest of the garden. We are also thinking we are going to move the raspberries out of the garden into their own bed. We are looking at methods to make the gardening easier. Rob has been trying to convince me to put plastic or material down between rows with mulch over top of it. We are also looking for a rear-tined tiller to make the garden easier to manage and to make the soil fluffy.

I have also been putting together a list for shopping garage sales this summer. Dane has a good size list of needs for the next few years. I also have things I am looking for the house and homestead that would make life a bit easier.

Can you tell I am sick of winter already? I am ready to be outside, but I have an aversion to cold!

I made some changes on the blog. Since I couldn't keep up with the weekend links and some weekends are really busy, I decided to instead post some links on my Facebook page every day for everyone to check out! If you haven't liked my Facebook page yet, please do! I am also working on a pattern for the days, but so far I only have Monday and Tuesday worked out. That might be all the further I get because the rest of the week I would like to dedicate to articles on preparedness and frugal living. Since we will be taking a bigger dip into the homesteading pool this spring, I will be posting more about that too.

Crossing my fingers that I will be getting 5-6 laying chicks!!! Right now I am trying to figure out where I am putting them. Jordan is not crazy about the whole free ranging chicken thing since she thinks they will attack her. I doubt it, but eh.

That is about it for this week! A light week, but oh well!

Thanks for reading!


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