When A Winter Storm Approaches

(One of the things I will be doing in the next few weeks is sharing our family preparedness and emergency plans with you. One of my goals for last year and this year is to get this done, typed, and put into a binder for everyone to see and use.)

When a winter storm approaches and looks like it will be a bad one, I use this list as a plan of action. In Iowa the weather can get nasty fairly quickly. With the great technology we have, I can implement my plan quickly because I know when the winter storms are approaching. I do use this list with the mindset that the worst is going to happen to us: losing power, not being able to use outside cooking sources due to wind, and that this could be several days or just a few hours.

Since my water is from a well, the well pump is electrically powered. My list is directed towards if we lose power, we lose water. I always make sure I have plenty of water on hand. I also do everything that may take water a priority on my list. I do not want to melt snow or boil water to do dishes if I do not have to nor do I want to have laundry piled up to the ceiling.

This list will not be the same for everyone. If you have livestock, your list will be different. If you have small children, your list will be different. Everyone has different circumstances and needs. My list is also based on the fact that we have multiple hands and a lot of the things on the list can be done simultaneously.

Winter Storm Family Preparedness Plan

When leaving work and/or school:
1. Fill cars with gas
2. Get some cash from ATM
3. Buy any necessities we might be low on (milk, water, fruit, vegetables, personal and paper items)
4. Buy cat or fish food if needed

At home:
1. Gather all laundry and start the washing machine
2. Wash all dishes
3. Fill buckets with water
4. Everyone takes a shower at some point during the day
5. Park all vehicles inside and shut garage doors
6. Bring snow shovel inside house
7. Make certain tractor is plugged in and gassed up
8. Barn doors need to be closed tightly including the dog house
9. Outdoors cats get fed and watered
10. Make sure heated water dish is plugged in and working in the barn
11. Change indoor cats litter box
12. Plug in and charge compact jump start for vehicles as well as extra charging source
13. Plug in all cell phones and computers to charge
14. Shut any other doors outside that need to be shut
15. Start bread in bread maker
16. Do any cleaning in house that requires water or power
17. Top off fish aquarium with water
18. Make food that can be eaten without power: granola, granola bars, etc.
19. Take care of any online needs like paying bills or responding to correspondence
20. Have kids do homework especially if it needs to be done on the computer
21. Have coolers ready to go outside to hold any perishables if the fridge or freezer loses power for over four hours
22. Take a walk outside to make sure everything is put away and/or in its place.

Like I said, this is worse case scenario thinking. I would rather be safe than sorry if something were to happen over multiple days especially with no power or water.

Thanks for reading!

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