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Monday Frugal Update

This week was going really well until Monday. I know today is Tuesday, but Monday was very frustrating for me and going to be a bit expensive to me.

The battery is dead in my van. The van would not start at home in -15 degree temps. Considering I don't work well in those temps either, I didn't really blame the van. However, locking the keys in the van and having no clue where your second set is does not bode well. That was $60 to get the van unlocked. I get to drive 45 minutes away this week to get a new battery. Yes they do sell batteries in a closer town, but I refuse to pay $128 for a battery that I can get for $75 in that town. Throw in the gas and it is still cheaper to drive that 45 minutes!

I am trying to make a frustrating situation into a more frugal situation and change the battery myself. I know that sounds crazy, but it is not that hard. And the temps are suppose to be in the 40's tomorrow. Yeah!

My focus this week has been leaning towards prepping. I am not totally sure where this feeling is coming from, but I am pretty certain times are going to get very tight in the near future. Hopefully, I am wrong. We do have cuts we can make at home, but I don't think it will hurt to get the food storage back up to par.

We had a two day sale at one of the local grocery stores which the other store honors. I bought 8-24 packs of water for $20 (4/$10). I also got quite a few bananas at $.28 a pound and froze a bunch of them. Colored bell peppers were $.98 each and I bought a few to slice and freeze. Celery was $.88 each and I bought one to slice and freeze. I also found apples on reduced price sale for $.50 for six apples. I bought 6 packages and thought I would make some applesauce with it, but the kids seems to be eating them faster! That is okay!

I decided to flash sale most of my remaining book inventory on Amazon. I had a dream of selling books on Ebay, but their buyer protection policies are not very good. I don't like Amazon's cut in the sales, but I need to get these books out of my office. So far they are selling! Yeah for a little extra gardening money!

My mom gave me some glass containers that match the fruit/vegetable theme I have in my dishes. One of the containers was filled with individual drink packets for water bottles. My kids loved it! I will be using the containers to hold dry goods.

I downloaded some free books onto my Kindle. I had stopped doing this for awhile until I got a few read, but there were a few in the last week that contained information I want to study on homesteading and gardening.

We didn't go anywhere last weekend. It was nice to stay home and catch up on laundry. Shali came home for a few days and it was really wonderful to see her too! I didn't get much done over the weekend because I was really tired for some reason, but we didn't use gas or spend money on anything so that was good!

Something I did for my purse was to take about three feet of duct tape and wrap it around an old store loyalty card. I find carrying a whole roll to be bulky in a vehicle, but I like to have some on hand in case of emergencies. I did this and it tucks nicely into my wallet. Best of all, it was free to do!

I also ordered a quarter of beef last week from a local farmer. It will be ready at the end of the month and I will do a post then about the break down in cost. This time I also asked for the soup bones to make my own broth and some of the fat to make my own tallow.

Pretty quiet week here! I hope to get more done this week!

Thanks for reading!


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