Sun Tea in a Jar

Tea...I love it cold, hot, and always a bit sweet! Green, red, black, herbal, chai, bagged, loose, and any other kind out there. I love it!

I have been looking for a more friendly way to make, store, and transport tea. I love sun tea, but in Iowa that is not always practical. Nor is having to store a gallon size container in the fridge.

Then I had an idea! A brilliant idea!

I could use quart size canning jars! They would be fit in my window sill and sun themselves to completion. They fit in my fridge much, much better. They are easily transported. They can be drunk out of and reduce dishes. These are much, much cheaper than buying cold tea at the store.

They are awesome!

What do you need:
* a quart size jar (or pint if you want smaller portions)
* a bag of tea
* water

Fill jar with water. Add tea bag. Screw lid on jar. Put in a sunny place to brew. Voila!

Easy! You can do it too!

Thanks for reading!


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