Monday Frugal Update

Busy, busy, busy! But the weather is finally nice!

I can't wait to get my garden in! I need to pick up potatoes and onions this week and get some beds cleaned out. I have been waiting since the temps have been so cool and we have been getting a lot of rain. I also want to get my lettuce and spinach planted in my wooden planters this week. The peas need to be transplanted very, very soon!

I went to garage sales this week. I got a Browning 60# Compound Bow for $25 which I think is a steal. I hope to use it as well as have Dane grow into it. It will need to be dialed down a bit though, it is a bit tough to pull back. I also got a space heater for $3, several books for 25 and 50 cents, a grocery sack stuffed full of clothes for the girls for $3.75, a Wii Draw board and game for $10 to replace the one that got chewed up by the dog, a duffle bag for Rob for $1, a motion sensor outdoor light for $4, a shirt for me for $1, Stars Wars sheet music for the piano for $1, an immersion stick blender for $1, a package of 8 cloth napkins for $2, and a couple of Tupperware containers for free! It was a great three hours spent!

I did go to the grocery store last week twice. I spent $18 at Fareway for milk, cheese, and produce. I spent $40 at Traders Joes for yogurt, lots of produce, tea, soy sauce, sugar, and parmesan cheese. I hope to not have to go for another two weeks except for milk. We eat a lot of produce so that might need to be replenished. The garden needs to get producing soon!

I fixed two hats for Rob. One needed a good cleaning and fixed a small tear. The other hat need to have the tightening strap re-sewn since it had torn and was fraying.

Rob and I were taken out to eat Friday night for prime rib by a good friend of his. It was delicious! Otherwise we did not go out to eat as a family. The kids were taken out a few times by their grandparents.

I got some free cattle mineral buckets to use in the chicken coop for roosting nests and to use in the garden for planters. I need to locate some paint that will stick to slick plastic to pretty them up, but I love the size of them!

Rob gave me some feather pillows he had and hates. I will be giving him some of my extra pillows for his house. (We live in two separate houses and places.)

Not that I am much into alcohol, but I enjoy a drink once in a while. Rob's neighbor gave us a bunch of frozen drink pouches that a customer gave him. The pallet was wrecked in shipment so he was giving them away. This summer will be very good with a frozen drink in hand!

Slow week on book sales or finding ways to add to our income. However, I haven't had much time to work on it either!

We will be having a garage sale this week. Wesley is trying something new and doing garage sales on Thursday afternoon and night and Friday all day. If you want to hit some great citywide sales, come to Wesley!

Thanks for reading!


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