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The Week's Goals

Every week is busy, but I find myself forgetting about what needs to get done or time slips right past me! For at least the Spring, Summer, and Fall, I will post what I want to get done weekly. These lists will seem a bit ambitious, but I like to aim high!

This last week was totally turned upside down. The weather was not in my favor with several days of rain and storms. The baby chicks showed up five days early which prompted other things to get done first. Getting ready for the garage sale took up a lot of time. I also ended up home for the weekend which meant more stuff got done.

Last Week's Weekly Goals

Homesteading/Yard Chores

1. Trim tree by garage
2. Cut out or knock out wood board in garage. (It was actually a small door. I replaced the hinges and latches. Good as new!)
3. Clean out that side of the garage and move Holly the dog to the garage.
4. Pick up branches/Cut up bigger branches for firewood. (We got half of the house yard done and mowed. We have had a lot of branches down with all the storms in the last two weeks!)

1. Plant blueberries
2. Build a raised bed
3. Plant asparagus
4. Plant lettuce and spinach in oblong wooden containers (Even planted zucchini and yellow squash in the buckets. Something new to try to see if it works.)
5. Clean out rhubarb
6. Clean out strawberries
7. Clean out raspberries and mulch

1. Get ready for garage sale and have garage sale
2. Clean the kitchen
3. Clean out the refrigerator
4. List books on Amazon and

1. Make bread (Tried and the bread failed fantastically. Too much liquid or not enough flour.)
2. Make granola
3. Make granola bars
4. Make muffins
(We got a bunch of bananas and apples that we have been dehydrating. So we have been taking care of those things instead of baking. Shali did make 2 pans of apple crisp and 2 loaves of banana bread!)

This Week's Weekly Goals

Homesteading/Yard Chores

1. Finish cleaning up the yard and start on the grove
2. Help Rob clean up the three trees that fell last winter and spring
3. Use the kennel panels I got and make a chicken run
4. Fix the room in the barn for the chicks to go outside
5. Cut down tree growing in the rhubarb patch


1. Build a raised bed
2. Plant asparagus
3. Weed rhubarb
4. Clean out strawberries
5. Clean out raspberries and mulch
6. Get garden tilled


1. Clean the kitchen
2. Clean out refrigerator
3. Clean living room carpet
4. Clean bathrooms

Food/Other Projects

1. Make bread
2. Make granola bars
3. Make Miracle Healing Salve from Backdoor Survival
4. Make Candles

What are your goals for the week?

Thanks for reading!


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