Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Project-A-Day Challenge: Week 1

This week has been crazy, but got a lot done (in my mind)!

In case you missed last week's post, I am doing a project-a-day challenge in July. While I may not get everything accomplished in one day, I want to be working towards something every day. I want to get as much done in July as I can. July is my "quiet" month in the summer and I need to get the maximum amount of things done that I can.

This last week I have been pushing to do at least one or more things every day. I call this project-a-day challenge, but really it is about getting something done every day. I usually make sure I do something relating to prepping, self-sufficiency, homesteading, home maintenance, gardening, natural living, or food storage. I have binders full of ideas if I run out of things on my to-do lists. I just want to get things done!

However, I have a twist to this for you. My projects this month have to be no cost or very low cost. I have another name for July. I call it "broke" month and with senior pictures and a school trip this month, we will be broke! I am going to use the motto, "Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without!" Another good saying would be "Reduce, reuse, recycle!"

Last week's projects included:
Getting 1/2 of the garden weeded
Cleaned out the chicken coop and put down new bedding
Cleaning up my room and tackling the paper piles in there
Made 2 more batches of DIY Liquid Castile Soap
Cleaning the kitchen - I found my counters again!
Got the carpets vacuumed except the kids' bedrooms
Both bathrooms got cleaned and bath tub scrubbed
Listed several books on Ebay

Yeah! I was happy with the progress especially what got done in the house. I dislike doing housework in the summer and it has a tendency to slide until September.

This week projects include:
Cleaning the fish aquarium
Finish weeding the garden
Pick up hay and mulch the garden
Fix the weed trimmer and trim around the house

Not sure what else I will get into, but some of those projects might be two day projects depending on time!

What did you do last week? Who do you plan to do this week?

Thanks for reading!


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